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Music Quickies: 504 Smoke – Loyalty B4 Royalty (Mixtape)

by Miracle

avatars-000082726011-xuimfh-t500x500(Photo By Dat Piff)

Earlier this month, DJ Trill Will (CCM) lent his hosting expertise to New Orleans based artist 504 Smoke. Together the two composed a mixtape entitled Loyalty B4 Royalty. It has a total of 18 tracks and is described as an authentic musical journey through one of Louisiana’s most popular cities. It entails the hit single “Hating On Me.” Other noteworthy songs include but are not limited to: “The Beginning,” “Stoner,” and “Before Its 2 Late.” The site favorite is the Southern rapper’s remake of “Lovers N Friends” which was originally done by Lil Jon, Ludacris, and Usher. 504 Smoke did a quality job of retaining the smooth player style theme of the hit bedroom anthem. The tape as a whole is legitimate though. 504 Smoke has an extremely signature flow thanks impart to his strong accent and his rhyme game is adequate. He is a choice example of what makes Down South Rap so appealing. Fans of that particular form of the genre should peep the project for sure. And others most likely will find a selection or two that satisfies their taste-buds as well. -MinM

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