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Kia Rap Princess – The Road To No Limit: A Kia Rap Princess Documentary [Episode 2] (Video)

by Miracle

1513727_10154154381140591_2799469317481854915_n(Photo By Mad Dope Visuals)

To give the people a little mid-week entertainment, Kia Rap Princess released the second episode of her documentary The Road To No Limit. This time she and 40Mil posted up around The Rave for their location. She gives the viewer a little bit of seriousness as she breaks down a few things about the business but she also makes sure to have a little bit of fun in true KRP fashion. Watch it all unfold below.

The episode opens with Kia hanging outside of The Rave entrance making a firm declaration about her status in the game. She basically lays claim to her right to receive proper treatment as well as compensation for her artistry just as her mainstream counterparts do. She keeps it all the way real about the process of dealing with the venue as she prepares to open up for Atlanta heavy hitter Future. She then lightens things up a tad by heading inside of the establishment and toying with the employees a bit. Next, the viewer gets a mini tour around the popular concert hall. After a spirited public service announcement, the camera follows the princess to a nearby convenience store. She runs into some parking issues with one of her fellow 414 artists. But they work it all out in a good-natured fashion. The flick concludes with KRP dropping a couple of gems about taking charge of your own destiny, so to speak. She made some excellent points. For those interested, the song that plays throughout this piece is Kia’s widely popular smoker’s anthem “IYaYa” which can be found on her I Am Kia Rap Princess project. All in all, this was a great second installment.

**My Two Cents: I enjoyed this a lot. I love the fact that Kia was brutally honest about the struggles that she faced. I don’t think people realize just what indie artists go through on a regular basis just to try and get the same opportunities as their fellow artists with big machines behind them. It truly makes one appreciate the hard work and dedication of the independent artist. Stay locked into the site for the next episode as well as a commentary on KRP’s first crossover show. It was one for the books for sure. -MinM

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