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Emmitt James F/ Dee Phr3sh – “Polaroids”

by Miracle

artworks-000086259259-bfxe80-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Emmitt James has decided to release a new project this Fall. It has been dubbed Black University which if readers will recall was the name of the demo from the last post that featured the multifaceted talent. For those who missed the post or may want to revisit it, it can be found here. James made the announcement in conjunction with the debut of the work’s first official single. The song is titled “Polaroids” and Dee Phr3sh happens to be on deck for a guest appearance.

This track was produced by Martinez. The production here is inventive. The steady bass, exquisite instrumentation as well as supporting components, modish rhythm, and humble vibe are a cohesive set. There is no hook used here. The title is simply referenced throughout. The hand off between the two artists is finely done so the absence of a hook is not a big deal. The verses are edifying. Emmitt James rocks the first and last verses. Dee Phr3sh steps up on the second. The fellas lay out tailored flows, high-class wordplay, and effective rhymes. They share unforgettable occasions from their lives through vivid wording, with the term Polaroids serving as a metaphor of sorts. A snapshot from Emmitt James includes: “Never be the same after you see your mama smoking crack. Until she sober up and you try to forget about the past. But that made me stronger. Cause no matter what we never went a day hungry. Now let the church say amen. Thank God for that. But on the other hand I got friends who want they mama back. Yeah I’m different I know. Call me crazy for sure. And took them glasses off. Cause I ain’t getting bullied no more.” Those are some momentous bars right there. Overall, this is a full-bodied effort.

**My Two Cents: This song was stellar. The concept was the highlight of the piece. I love how Emmitt James and Dee Phr3sh disclosed personal memories by playing on the idea of a photograph. They had a really dope chemistry as well. The production was straight too. It fit the nature of the record securely. I can’t wait to experience what else Emmitt has up his sleeve for Black University. Keep it locked on his Facebook Page to stay in the loop. -MinM

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