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News: Welcome Home Remy Ma

by Miracle

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This past Thursday (7/31) the Hip-Hop Community was overflowing with excitement. This due to the fact that Bronx raptress Remy Ma was scheduled to finally be released from prison. Her husband and fellow rapper Papoose as well as family & friends headed out to Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in the early morning hours with all the works including a fancy car brigade to greet the female artist.

However, everyone’s joy was short lived when the news came down that Remy’s time on the inside was being extended for a little while longer. Her release was postponed due to some type of disciplinary situation. No one is 100% sure of what exactly went down. Some speculate that this stems from a fight that the rapper was involved in a short time prior to her release date. As a result of the fight, she ended up spending her last days in solitary confinement. Others are saying it’s due to a radio interview that she took part in with Angie Martinez last week. Supposedly, the interview was not properly approved by prison officials. And to add to the madness, there are now whispers that Remy was actually allowed to come home today (8/1). This time around though to avoid any further issues, her team decided to keep things low key. Apparently, there was a vague image on her Instagram simply stating that she was back. Also, there was a photo of a welcome home cake. And various media outlets have allegedly confirmed her freedom with prison representatives. But no one has officially seen or heard from Remy as of yet. Leaked photos of her out and about have started circulating the internet though. So it seems that whatever the issue was got put to bed rather quickly.

She has been serving a six of eight year sentence for a shooting altercation that took place between her and a former friend. In 2007, she and Makeda Barnes-Joseph got into a fight over money that led to a struggle inside of a vehicle. During the drama, Joseph was shot twice. Her injuries were not life threatening. Remy was charged with assault, weapons possession, and attempted coercion. Though her sentence was steep, it could have been a lot worse. The prosecution wanted her to serve 13 years and the maximum time given for cases like hers is typically 25 years. So all things considered, she was pretty lucky. Remy Ma contends that the shooting was merely an accident and it has been said that she has shown a ton of remorse for her part in the incident.

**My Two Cents: I’m not a big Remy Ma fan. So her release or lack thereof doesn’t matter much to me. But I thought all of the conflict surrounding her situation was interesting. It will also be intriguing to see how she integrates back into the Hip-Hop game. Everyone seems to think that she will knock off Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea. I think she might get a little underground buzz but nothing too much more than that. I guess time will tell and her future music will speak for itself. In the meantime, take a trip down memory lane with Remy’s “Conceited” video above. -MinM

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