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Infamy – Day 3: The Return Of The Curse (Mixtape Review)

by Pooh Bailey

(Photo By Dat Piff)

Earlier this Summer, rapper Infamy (Music Genius Minds) dropped Day 3: The Return of The Curse. The whole project was done off the top of the dome. This means that Infamy just flowed from start to finish. He calls this method his ‘no pad, no pen’ approach. The mixtape starts off with the track “In Case You Forgot,” in which snippets of his previous mixtapes are played as a reminder to the audience.

“All I Know” is up next and Infamy tells about his struggles with where he’s been and where he would like to go. For me, this track could’ve went two different ways. Infamy seemed like he had a great song but it didn’t come out right. And that seems to be what’s happening throughout the mixtape. Great ideas that could’ve been executed better. Half-way through the mixtape, the track “Millionaire” which features BlitZ, brings incredible improvement. Just glancing at the title, you would think you know where the song is headed, but no. With “I used to want to be a Millionaire;” as the hook Infamy does everything we wished he would’ve did with “All I Know.” The hooks for the second half of the mixtape are what keeps the audience’s attention. The final track for the tape is called “Silver Clouds.” Great production. The producer did a bang up job. However, this track falls short. It’s kind of like if Infamy made Thanksgiving dinner and said you could only eat the rolls. It looks and smells great but you’re not satisfied.

Day 3: The Return of The Curse, was a total hit or miss. I like the idea of doing a mixtape using the ‘no pad, no pen’ approach but it only works when free-styling. Actually doing songs with the method is hard work because the rapper could easily get thrown off track, as it was done here. Infamy seems like he could really be dope, if he actually sat down and wrote. He has great song concepts that are being jumbled in his brain as he records. Maybe on his next mixtape, Infamy will pick up the pen and pad, and show us the real return of the curse. -Pooh Bailey

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