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Ag Da Gift – “Win Win Win” (Video)

by Miracle

Meet Ag Da Gift. He is an artist and one of the presidents of Purple Label, LLC. Purple Label is a brand that previously featured emcee Rich P is also affiliated with.  Ag bestowed a new set of visuals upon the Hip-Hop world last month. The video is for his single, “Win Win Win.” The song will be a part of his upcoming album, Pardon The Interruption.


This video was shot and directed by Elite Film Group. The editing was handled by Rich P. The setting for the video is the downtown region of Milwaukee. The flick opens with a NBA clip. From there, the project basically follows Ag as he roams in and out of different spots. He is shown in a wide variety of locations such as: the top of a building, a boat docking area, on a bridge, etc. There are also some nice scenic shots in the piece. And there are more NBA related clips dispersed about towards the end of the video as well. As a whole, it is a clean and conservative representation of the song.

**My Two Cents: This was a dignified offering. I like how the selected NBA clips tie into the theme of the single. The track is valid too. It was my first time ever hearing anything by Ag Da Gift. He made a favorable first impression. If readers are in need of some video work, hit up the Elite Film Group page via the provided link and drop them a line. -MinM

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