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Airhythmatic – Airo On Neptune (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Airo On Neptune (preview/purchase)

 Airhythmatic is a member of the Higher Education Records family.  He was born right here in Milwaukee but is currently residing in Madison, WI to pursue his studies in the areas of Creative Writing and Spanish. His musical journey began with drums and later on in life he picked up free-styling and writing. He got serious about a career in Hip-Hop back in 2009 and has been going strong ever since. As it stands today, he is not only an artist but a producer as well. He recently released his first full length project titled, Airo On Neptune. It should be noted that he produced, recorded, and mixed the entire album himself. That is no small feat. So how did all of his hard work turn out? Find out after the break.

“PBR Tallboy” F/ Jermaine Event

The production here is decent. It consists of some subtle instrumentation, a gentle bass, and a mellow vibe. The hook is solid. The delivery is consistent and the lyrics are one of a kind. The verses are original. Airhythmatic administers the first two and Jermaine Event takes on the third. Both artists brandish fetching flows, proper wordplay, and innovative rhymes. They verbalize at length about storytelling by way of artistic expression. A few lines worth mentioning include: “At the end of a day or maybe three o’clock. I need space and a place where I’m free to rock. Puts me on top of the world when I got my thoughts to jot. To me it kind of means a lot. Like when I write I’m uncovering a secret plot.” Hip bars being spit right there. Overall, this song is creative and a promising way to kick off the LP.

“Still Winning”

The production here is fresh. The in your face core, ornate rhythm, and optimistic vibe make for an attractive mixture. The hook is fair. The delivery is charming and the lyrics are amusing. The verses are adequate. Airhythmatic utilizes a speedy flow, witty wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He does a compelling job of conveying the sentiment of looking on the bright side of things when in the midst of a tough situation. A couple of standout lines include: “Know money goes from me straight to the liquor store. Clean clothes close to gone. I should get some more. Throw on a shirt worth rocking in excursion. I’m buried by my burdens. But I open up the curtains. Overcoming the immersion from the hangover I’m nursing.” Those words paint a cool little scenario. In the end, this was a nice track.

“Warm Call Of The Day”

The production here is hot. It entails low toned musical elements, an intermediate pace, and a reserved vibe. The hook is quality. The rapped portion and secondary vocals sound fine but one seems to overpower the other just a tad. So maybe dialing down the rapped portion a bit would help. The lyrics are on point. The verses are deep. Airhythmatic presents a down to earth flow and meaningful rhymes. He shares his perspective and thoughts on certain aspects of life with the listener. Peep it as he spits: “Little homie don’t cry. I’ve seen them dark days. I guess it’s time for you and some you knew to part ways. Cause all they want is to see you collapse. The f–k they on? Homie we don’t need that. So you see me now. You say that I’ve changed. I cue you a smile. But you stay out of range.” Skilled emotional bars being put forth in those lines. All in all, this song is a gem and a favorite off of the album.

**My Two Cents: Airo On Neptune is a commendable debut. The content is eclectic and the production is polished. Airhythmatic definitely has his own style going on. Which is a good thing as it sets him apart from all of the other artists out there. I enjoyed the album and I think readers will be fond of a track or two as well. The only way to find out for sure though is to check out the project in it’s entirety. So hit up the provided link and get to listening. Take a moment to visit Airhythmatic on Facebook too. -MinM

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