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Adam Reverie – “The Unbosoming”

by Miracle

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“I would like to thank everyone who has supported me thus far, but I have to tell you all that at this point and time in my life I will no longer be making music. Please do share the music with someone who will appreciate it.” – Love Rev
Adam Reverie‘s latest single “The Unbosoming” breeds a bittersweet sentiment. He’s a dope artist. So him releasing new music is exciting of course. But this also marks his last drop for a while. The Detroit artist has decided to take an indefinite leave of absence from the music game. Therefore this track is additionally a goodbye of sorts for his supporters.

The production here is flattering. The well-bred base, expressive soulful background ingredients, sedated tempo, and grief-stricken vibe merge together desirably. There is no hook present on this record, only a simple bridge. The bridge is unblemished. The vocals are perfect and the lyrics are moving. The verses are piercing. Adam Reverie rolls out an affecting flow, extensive wordplay, and personal heavyhearted rhymes. He speaks up without a filter in regards to a few of the issues that are plaguing him in his life. A sprinkling of gripping lines include: “Satan and Christ when I’m looking in the mirror. Only means that I’m human. Part flesh part spirit. Tried to tell this to my mama. But she ain’t wanna hear it. Swear to God that my blessings in the churches that she visit. Her constant preachy sermons only made us grow distant. It ain’t hard because you Christian ma. It’s hard cause you religious. And yes there is a difference. Atheists gone think I’m tripping. But they don’t believe in God. I don’t expect for them to get it.” That is a potent set of bars right there. The tune ends on a gut-wrenching note as Reverie breaks down in tears. Overall, this is a woeful yet first-string parting.

**My Two Cents: I haven’t been listening to Adam Reverie for very long but when I read that he was hanging up his mic, I was crushed. In just a short amount of time I’ve become a genuine fan of his music. He has a lot of talent and some powerful messages to bestow upon the world. But I guess life happens. We here at The Illixer would like to thank Adam and his team for sharing his music with us. This last offering was especially touching and soul baring. Hopefully, he gets everything worked out and returns to the mic one day. Artists like him are what make Hip-Hop so great. Please help honor his last request and pass along the song if you’re feeling it. -MinM

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