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Armonie Man – Clouded Visions (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Almost two years have passed since the site was first introduced to Milwaukee artist Armonie Man. But it’s not because he hasn’t been putting in work. He’s been doing shows all over the city and he recently dispensed a brand new album. It’s called Clouded Visions and it contains a total of 16 brand new tracks. Additionally, there are guest appearances from fellow 414 talents such as Nu Money, Monte Carlo, etc. Keep reading after the break to see which songs caught The Illixer‘s attention.

“Clouded Visions”

This is the very first single on the collective as well as the title track. The production here is sleek. The polished bass, lightweight background elements, unhurried tempo, and solemn vibe fit securely together. The hook is a little different. It’s more like a break with the mention of the record’s title and a few vocals sprinkled in. The vocals are decent and the lyrics are succinct. The verses are substantial. Armonie Man exhibits an orderly flow, quality wordplay, and meditative rhymes. He makes some striking points about the state of the world today. A handful of lines to take note of are: “Y’all want to talk about cars. Want to talk about broads. Want to talk about ice. What about our kids? In a world full of wrong gotta show ’em what’s right. Live my life in the rain. Got a heart full of pain. Let’s talk about life. Got dreams, got goals. In a world full of wrong. Trying to live it right. Too much for one n—a. (…) Got drink in my cup and I stay pouring up like Kirko Bangz n—a. Gotta get them dollars up. In God I trust. No pain, no gain n—a.” Those words provide a strong initiation for the selection. All in all, this song is satisfactory and a great way to begin the LP.

“Way Too High”

This song fuses in a sampling from beloved R&B singer Jhene Aiko and her track “Wth.” The production here is choice. The savvy framework, dreamy eccentric musical details, quirky pace, and tranquil vibe make for a four star package. The hook is excellent. It is composed of portions of the verses from the aforementioned sample. Jhene’s one of a kind melodies and trippy lyrics are a perfect addition. The verses are fine. Armonie Man presents a harmonious flow, apt wordplay, and likeable rhymes. He effortlessly embraces the theme dedicated to partaking in an activity that leads to an elevated state of mind. A couple of lines worth observing are: “Y’all be on the mound. I be on the loud. Way too high. You might find me on a cloud. Laughing at you n—as advertising Bobby Brown. My paper straight and my n—a say he got it by the pound. Yeah, you know I’m smoking good. (…) Still representing where I’m from with the same n—as. It’s a fact that I don’t f–k around with lame n—as. Try us and we Chief Keef your crew and bang bang n—as. Everyday I stay going hard for mine. No sleep n—a. Put in extra overtime. A n—a about the paper. Everyday I go and grind.” Those bars right there are pretty clever. As a whole, this tune is a smash


The production here is good. The deep foundation, loaded secondary ingredients, street style rhythm, and austere vibe culminate in a winning blend. The hook is sharp too. The delivery is fresh and the lyrics are fetching. The verses are commendable. Armonie Man utilizes a charismatic flow, valid wordplay, and proficient rhymes. He demonstrates a prime example of an individual who is handling their business. Pay attention as he spits: “Money, gotta get it. Gotta have it. No time to talk about it. All my n—as make it happen. What you doing? B—h I’m stacking. I got action. On a mission. Gotta catch it. Keep a pistol. Gotta pack it. Got an issue. Body bag ’em. F–k hoes, f–k n—as. Get money don’t trust n—as. I’m all about my dough hoe. You don’t get none, I don’t f–k with you.” Those are some pointed bars right there. Overall, this is hit offering as well as a site favorite.

“Hold On”

The production here is up to par. The conventional infrastructure, assorted musical components, mellow gait, and magnetic vibe are fittingly paired. The hook is fair. The delivery is neat and the lyrics are simple but meaningful. The verses are real. Armonie Man serves up a laid back flow, authentic wordplay, and true to life rhymes. He conveys an imperative message about enduring in the face of adversity. A few memorable lines include: “I came up around hood n—as pitching crack. And know some people who lost lives that won’t get it back. We gotta hustle to survive. Man envision that. I show love but still feel I never get it back. I keep it real but some act like they ain’t into that.  But them haters know I’m doing numbers if they in the stats. But in the end the struggle only a test. So many deaths. Shed tears for my homies at rest. For real, growing up feeling pain is how my life was. And through the struggle I never change but life does.” One has to respect the vulnerability in those words. In the end, this is a principled effort.

**My Two Cents: Clouded Visions was everything that Armonie Man promised it would be. The production was of a grade A quality, the content was on the money, and the guest appearances were properly placed. I liked it a lot. Armonie definitely has shown some improvement since his last project. Which is always a big deal for artists. And his personality still shines through his music, adding a layer of magnetism to his work. Readers should support and check out the LP for sure. -MinM

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