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News: The Mothers Of Lil Boosie’s Children Vie For A Reality TV Spot

by Miracle

boosie_1(Photo By Google Images)

So word is spreading that the women who have given birth to the children of popular Southern rap star Lil Boosie are shopping around for their own reality television series. They began their quest back in March. Lil Boosie was against the endeavor at first, citing concerns for the impact the show might have on his children. However, he has now decided to give his blessing.

He wants the women to be free to receive money and whatever other benefits may come along with the series. He does not feel it would be fair of him to take a stance against the venture in any way. He has no interest in making an appearance himself though. The rapper has a total of seven children by four different women. The most well known being Walnita Decuir. She was once engaged to Boosie and got caught up in his whirlwind of legal troubles back in 2010. The other three women are: Tracey Taylor, Trivia Weatherspoon, and Gerlissa Haze. The focus of the program would be the ladies’ interactions with one another as well as the handling of their kids. The ladies seem to somewhat get along but they all agree that it’s vital for their children to know each other and have a healthy bond as siblings. At the time of press the show was still untitled and has supposedly been pitched to Oxygen, Fuse, and WE but none of the networks have snatched it up yet. This could be due to the backlash that occurred when rapper Shawty Lo‘s baby mamas attempted the same feat last year. Their show actually got picked up by Oxygen but was quickly canceled once the trailer hit the net and a petition to ban the series went into circulation. It will be interesting to see how things pan out for the women in Boosie’s life. Their trailer can be seen above courtesy of TMZ.

**My Two Cents: I am not going to pretend like I don’t indulge in my fair share of trashy reality shows. But I feel like these baby mama themed series are just a bit too much. I don’t understand why a woman would want to put herself out there like that. And rappers should not be okay with promoting the fact that they have children spread out all over the place. That’s just trifling. I think this show should be buried just like the one with the mothers of Shawty Lo’s children. Guess time will tell what happens. -MinM

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