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Adam Reverie – “Sex And Forever”

by Miracle

artworks-000078787918-oqqh23-t500x500(Photo By Sound Cloud)

Adam Reverie sent over another record for readers to enjoy not too long ago. This one reflects a completely different side of the Detroit talent than what fans might have become accustomed to based on his previous submissions. It’s colorfully titled “Sex And Forever” and it was produced by Hunnit Andretti. The production here is sweet-sounding. The docile infrastructure, charming instrumentation, and grown up vibe result in a relishable blend. There is no hook present. The song is instead broken down into: a verse, a bridge, and a spoken word section. The three different parts are creditable. Adam Reverie extends a compatible flow, appealing wordplay, and explicit rhymes for the verse. The bridge features well sampled vocals with enticing lyrics. And the spoken word section is neatly delivered with passionate expression. The various pieces consolidate to portray what Adam has to offer when it comes to a romantic relationship. A couple of stirring lines are: “You can tell that it’s real by my heartbeat. I can look you in ya eyes and see ya want me. Lonely is something that you wont be. Even when it’s Winter cold you can hold me. Tell me all your thoughts. Tell me all your dreams. Tell me all your fears. Lending both my ears. I’m a be your confidante, your restaurant. Your diary and chef. Anything you need know I got that. Playing catch when we sex so throw it back. Wanna kiss your lips. Wanna read your mind. Wanna brag you mine.” Those words right there supply a first-string conclusion for the rapped portion of the track. All in all, this is a pertinent effort.
**My Two Cents: This track was an interesting change of pace for Adam Reverie. It broke away from his usually intense persona and the set up was a bit different. I liked the production and the verse a lot. The sample and the spoken word piece were solid too but didn’t seem to quite fit in with the rhyming. I think maybe a hook and second verse would have been a better route to take. However, it’s still an estimable record and readers should give it an ear when they have a chance. -MinM

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