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RueThePoet – “Minds A Drift”

by Miracle

10402486_10152438469954564_512177100728892323_n(Photo By RueThePoet)

Last December, readers were introduced to Milwaukee based artist RueThePoet. Since that time, the site has been keeping a close tab on him. He’s released a few more singles, started making his presence felt at open mics as well as local events, and is shaping up to release his debut offering The TruRue Project. He has been very well received as of late and is getting closer every day to sitting at the top as one of the 414’s elite talents. Recently, he dropped a brand new track labeled “Minds A Drift.” It will appear on the upcoming collective and serves as a more serious representation of the young rapper’s capabilities.

The production here is suave. The quieted bass, polished secondary components, strolling tempo, and ruminative vibe merge approvingly together. The hook is gratifying. The delivery is restful and the lyrics are fathomable. The verses are audacious yet on point. Rue retains his collected flow with memorable wordplay and envelope pushing rhymes. He describes this record as a no holds bar account of some of the things that are on his mind and he was not kidding. He threw caution to the wind with lines like: “F–k most rappers and promoters. I’m a poet, so I’m more colder. Gotten even better since I been sober. Quit the nonsense you getting older. You can’t win matching wits with cobras. Sometimes you have to be a loner just to figure out what the f–k you wanna. Mothers mad cause I f–ked their daughters. Your bad, she was an easy slaughter. She grown now and you should’ve taught her. Luckily I respect the gals. Good for them like vegetables.” Those bars right there pack quite a punch. As a whole, this is a choice albeit frank selection.

**My Two Cents: Rue did his thing once again with this cut. The production is very easy on the ears and perfect for those zoning out moments. And he provided some impressionable content. I respect him for just letting loose on the mic with no worries. It was a risky move but it also speaks strongly to his genuine and real nature. We need more artists who aren’t afraid to just be themselves at all costs. Rue promised me personally that The TruRue Project will be dropping this Summer for sure. So keep those eyes and ears open. I have a feeling that the effort will be one not to be slept on. -MinM

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