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News: Kanye West For Mayor?

by Miracle

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While the rest of the world is marveling over his recent nuptials to celebrity socialite Kim Kardashian, there is another individual hoping to get Kanye West into the spotlight for a different reason. Writer/artist/fan Ben Shepard is attempting to draft Kanye West to run for mayor of Chicago in the year 2015. Shepard has launched a campaign dubbed “Kanye 4 Mayor” complete with an official website. The site provides in depth insight into why Shepard thinks Ye would make an ideal candidate. It includes an open letter, lyrics from some of the rapper’s greatest hits, as well as some of his most memorable quotes from his collective of off the wall interviews throughout the course of his career.

Shepard believes that Ye has what it takes to turn Chicago around and mold it into one of the most thriving cities in the United States. He thinks the current political leaders of the city are not in tune or concerned enough with the well being of the people. Kanye on the other hand used to be a resident and is familiar with the adversity that the people face. Additionally, he has the fame as well as the wealth to garner attention and gain access to valuable resources. The four biggest problems plaguing the windy city are cited as: extreme amounts of excessive violence, failing school systems, poor public transportation systems, and a police force that has been described as undemocratic. To summarize what he feels a term or two with Kanye West as mayor would mean for the Chi, Shepard stated in his letter according to AllHipHop.Com: “Under your administration it would mean a combination of role model, consultant, and design chief. It would probably take 8 years to get all this work done but just think what would be possible after.” At the time of press there has been no word from Ye himself regarding the initiative. The residents of Chi-Town don’t seem too fond of the idea though. And there are rumors that this is all just some publicity ploy for Shepard to further his art career with as he does have some artistic events planned to coincide with the campaign. Regardless of the motive, it’s a conversation piece for sure.

**My Two Cents: I have no beef with Kanye West at all. I’m even a fan of his to a certain degree. But he has no business getting involved in politics. I think him becoming the mayor of Chicago is a horrible idea. Now sponsoring the campaign of a candidate and/or getting involved in some community efforts to help improve the city would be a different story. I think that would be dope and much more effective. I’m curious to know what Ye thinks about this campaign and the idea of him having a future in politics. If he ever responds to the request for him to run, I shall do an update. -MinM

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