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Dex Amora – “1uvAll”

by Miracle

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Preparing to drop his third project A.U.R.A this Summer, Seattle and Divine Atoms mic checker Dex Amora gives us “1uvAll” as a single and a heads up. The classic Hip-Hop styled record is a head nodder that has Amora spreading positive vibes over soulful production and it’s pretty dope.

The track is produced by Golden Beets and he make sure it holds up Dex Amora’s voice and style. The drum loop is boom bap without a doubt, kicks, rattled snare, and all. The piano loop is light and carries the instrumental while not adding too much to it. There is a deep dark horn sample that helps the dirtiness stand out in the song and is well placed because even a LITTLE more could ruin the track. The entire production is covered with a little vinyl filter to add that old-school vibe to the cut and it is the last piece to this easy going puzzle.

Amora’s flow and delivery stays in character with the beat while showcasing him as an emcee. He switches seamlessly between speeds while he raps over the groovy track and knows exactly when to take a pause for emphasis. It reminds me of early Jay Z or Andre 3000 with a bit of West Coast energy. He does show and prove his message of unity with lines like: “Pick yo brain, basic waves clearly I’m a martian. Different stratosphere, n—a we even been through different hardships. I walk down the block, say peace to you n—as. Cause whether you like it or not, I’m at peace with you n—as. And at the end of the day we in the same streets and I don’t hold triggers. So one would figure that one wouldn’t even whisper.” The lines are clean, packed with meaning, and are a prime example of what Dex Amora can do.

**Final Thoughts: Overall, this is a strong track. The production is solid and creates a great palette for Amora. He has some great bars throughout the song and is clear even in metaphor with what he wants to say. Dex certainly reps for his Divine Atoms crew and shows listeners enough to be at least intrigued with what is to come on A.U.R.A. this Summer. -Real McCoy

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