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2016 Top 5 New Artists: Seecret Stash

by Pooh Bailey

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Seecret Stash

Readers meet Alana Skye aka Seecret Stash. She is a Hip-Hop artist & journalist from Suisun City, California. She is described as a devoted talent that shares her failures and successes through her music to inspire other young adults in the struggle. She started freelancing for independent businesses and magazines after working for a local newspaper in her hometown.

She has also been featured on a variety of albums & mixtapes by other artists. Her down-to-earth and humble mannerisms could never conceal her writing and musical gifts, however she attributes her success to staying true to Hip-Hop and her faith. The essence of her music stems from her life experiences and the battles she has overcome.

So Why Is Seecret Stash a 2016 Top 5 New Artist?

First and foremost, Seecret Stash is one of the hardest female emcees I’ve heard. When it comes to female rappers, it’s either they are ‘a bad b—h’ or ‘super conscious.’ Stash erases that. She makes it cool to be sexy with a brain. And just like Class-M, she too, knows how to mix her reality with a dope beat without sounding like she’s on a soapbox. Her flow is so California with a Mid-West State of Mind, that sometimes you just got to sit back and vibe to it.  Stash is what Lauryn Hill fans have been waiting on since 1998. The difference is just the year and the coast this rising star is repping. Seecret Stash deserves to be on your iPod and to be your new favorite because her name tells you so. She’s a ‘secret’ that you should hear. With her star on the rise, be sure to hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late. – Pooh Bailey

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