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Lou CharLe$ F/ Dizzy Wright – “Facts Only”

by Miracle

FactsOnly(Photos By Sound Cloud)

Rapper Lou CharLe$ has already moved on to his next big project. It is a six track EP that is called In Transit. The collective is currently available via Sound Cloud and it is produced by J. Rhodes. The album is described as a well balanced number with versatile subject matter that offers the listener a deeply personal look into Lou’s world. It also said to do a great job of reflecting his skill set and serving as a musical journey that fans can easily incorporate into their own personal experiences. Lou himself states that his goal for the EP was to share his current truth & self-realizations by trying out some perspectives that he never has before in an effort to let the world in on his new beginnings & adventures. Those interested can see how well that approach worked out for him by checking out the mini album here.

“Facts Only” is the lead single from In Transit. It features artist Dizzy Wright and is essentially an anthem pertaining to ‘frenemies.’ The production here is down to earth. The orderly foundation, soulful expressive instrumentation, flavorful tempo, and orthodox vibe make for a seriously likable combination. The hook is copacetic. The execution is flattering and the lyrics are black & white. The verses are gratifying. The fellas utilize polished flows, fresh wordplay, and choice rhymes. They share their individual ordeals with those who smile in your face but wish you ill behind your back in a very familiar fashion. A sprinkling of compelling lines from Lou CharLe$ include: “With friends like you, who needs enemies? You scared of who I am. I’m focused who I’m a be. New heights I’m finna reach. The legacy I’m a leave. Should of known my ambition wouldn’t be pleasantly received. All that blase-blah, Lou be brand new. Went to school, graduated, yeah yeah, they love to hate it. Somewhere behind a desk, praying I never make it. Hoping God, Yahweh, and Allah stagnate my profits.” Those words right there summarize the theme & nature of the record quite effectively. As a whole, this is a top notch selection.


**My Two Cents: I dig everything about this track from beginning to end. The beat just has an undeniable finesse to it. J. Rhodes shines bright as the producer on this one. The hook is done just right. The sample goes hand in hand with the added delivery and both work together to drive home the message of the tune. And the content rounds out everything superbly. The listener can’t help but to zone out with Lou & Dizzy as they discuss their dealings with ‘frenemies.’ Awesome song that readers should check out for sure. And don’t forget to peep the link at the beginning of the post to hear the rest of the In Transit EP. -MinM

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