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2016 Top 5 New Artists: J. Shirel

by Pooh Bailey

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Meet J. Shirel aka Jennifer Shirel, a Milwaukee native who is ready to take over the Hip-Hop industry on behalf of the women. Since the age of nine, J. Shirel has been performing and perfecting her craft as an emcee. To broaden her creativity, she began to indulge in the art of poetry. Which to this today she still incorporates into her music and live shows. Because of this, J. Shirel has declared herself an ‘unorthodox femcee.’ She has also performed on some of the biggest stages in Wisconsin. J. Shirel plans on continuing to be a leading force to propel Rap music back to the state it needs to be in.

So Why Is J. Shirel a 2016 Top 5 New Artist?

If you miss mixtape Nicki Minaj or mixtape Azealia Banks, then no worries because J. Shirel has you covered. J. Shirel is a Top 5 because she knows how to bring the trap together. Too many femcees try to come off as some super trap queens, when they are really novices to the life. But not J. Shirel. She knows how to give it to you raw in a poetic way and not some make-believe, fairy-tale story. J. Shirel gives you 1996 Lil Kim. And that’s a huge plus in this industry of favorites. Hopefully J. Shirel makes it onto your iPod so that you too can get a nostalgic feel from a future star. -Pooh Bailey

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