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2016 Top 5 New Artists: P-$lang

by Pooh Bailey


I was at The Illixer’s Day Party chilling and waiting on the next act, when this artist came up to me and asked if he could perform just one song. We were tight on time but his charisma and smile wouldn’t let me say no. So I said, sure. And boy did he rock it. Rebel Religion’s own, P-$lang, gave the crowd a show. The energetic young kid has a star quality style that the world needs to see and hear. But no worries, you soon will understand.

So Why Is P-$lang a 2016 Top 5 New Artist?

P-$lang is a Top 5 because he is an all-around performer. He is sort of a Wiz Khalifa / Kendrick Lamar hybrid. The best of both worlds. P-$lang doesn’t just Rap and performer just cause, he does it because he believes in it. And you see it when he performs. You hear it when he rhymes. P-$lang is truly the epitome of a Rock ‘n’ Roll rapper. So why should he be on your iPod? Simple. He’s going to be on there either now or later. He’s a rebel, who will have you turning up right along with him. So why wait? –Pooh Bailey

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