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Joey Burbs – “Reggie Miller” (Song & Video)

by Miracle

Reggie Artwork(Photo By Joey Burbs)

Thrilled with his debut here on the site, artist Joey Burbs quickly shot over another submission. This one pertaining to his latest single & video. The song is called “Reggie Miller” and it appears on The Redshirt EP which is now available online. The track is produced by Joey himself. That’s kind of a neat little fact.

The production behind this tune is valid. The prominent bass-line, eclectic background elements, quirky rhythm, and colorful vibe make for an intriguing blend. The hook is decent. The delivery is spotless and the lyrics are creative. The verses are good. Joey Burbs takes on a signature flow, skilled wordplay, and adequate rhymes. He fills the listener in on his status in the Hip-Hop game in a highly likable fashion. All in all, this selection is worthy of a few spins. The way Joey builds on and references the 90’s beef between veteran basketball player Reggie Miller and director Spike Lee is clever to say the least.

The visuals also play on the aforementioned feud between the two celebrity personalities. Essentially, Mr. Burbs and his crew recreate the infamous scenario that unfolded during the 1994 NBA Playoffs when Miller’s team the Indiana Pacers were playing Spike Lee’s favorite team the New York Knicks. There are editing tricks that cause certain scenes to resemble footage from an old school TV sports program. Joey takes on the role of Mr. Miller, donning his jersey and all. There is a Spike Lee character in the mix too. The backdrop to the piece is done in Pacer colors. There are word graphics that appear in favor of the Pacers throughout the flick. And those are just a couple of examples of the nod to the reference. The list could definitely go on. The piece wraps up with some flashing banner action and a fading glimpse of a very disappointed Mr. Lee. As a whole, this is a dope vision.

**My Two Cents: So Joey Burbs is two for two in my book. Basketball is the one sport I actually like and sort of follow (lol). So I can appreciate the metaphor that is being used for the subject of this tune. Additionally, the single is well done. The production, hook, and content are all fitting as well as enjoyable to listen to. And the video represents the track perfectly. The re-enactment is logically carried out with some sharp editing tricks. Plus, Joey and his squad bring a fun inviting energy to the piece that is sure to win over any viewer. There is just no going wrong with this song & video. I like what this kid is bringing to the table and I can’t wait to check out The Redshirt EP. I suggest readers get on board as well. -MinM

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