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2016 Top 5 New Artists: Loki Love

by Pooh Bailey


Loki Love

Meet writer and recording artist Loki Love. Since the age of 13, Loki has been writing and recording while playing both the piano as well as the acoustic guitar. Loki Love not only has several Coast 2 Coast Mixtape placements, but he has also been verified by none other than the Tim Westwood.

Additionally, Loki has worked with Digital Underground, iHeart Radio, Radio Spins, What’s Good Radio, and Riverwest Radio. He is soon to expand his portfolio by working with the likes of: OG Maco, Wave Chapelle, Ponce De Leon, and Lord Of The Fly. To top it all off, he is currently in negotiations with Warner Bros. So he has some impressive things going for himself.

So Why Is Loki Love a 2016 Top 5 New Artist?

Loki Love is one of the few artists that just the sound of his voice soothes you. Loki makes you want to hear what he has to say. What makes him a Top 5 artist is that once you listen, you’ll realize that he has a lot to say. It’s his charisma and lyricism that makes Loki’s songs stand out from the rest. He knows how to be a poetic gangster without forcing it. Too many artists try to get over on being somebody else, not the case here. Loki deserves a spot on your iPod because he’s just that good. And the world is noticing it. So I suggest you hop on the Loki Love wave or get lost at sea. It’s only a matter of time before the 414 hopeful is a household name. -Pooh Bailey

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