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When you think of Winter, what comes to mind? Snow. Cold. Holidays. Eggnog Lattes. Klassik. Wait, Klassik? Yes, Klassik. In mid-January of 2015, Milwaukee-native Klassik, released his new three song project, the Winter EP. The Winter EP is the first of four from Klassik’s Seasons series. First, let me tell you when I say I’m a huge fan of Klassik. Ever since I saw him perform at Stonefly on Milwaukee’s east-side with violins and so much ambition, I knew he was a star. And the Winter EP proves it. Three songs weren’t enough for me (because again I’m a fan) but it’s enough for occasional listeners to get acquainted/reacquainted with the ever so talented rapper. Three songs is all you need and here’s why…


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Avid site supporter and 414 artist Sonick sent over a few of his newer tunes not too long ago. He gave The Illixer his blessing to select a single out of the bunch for review and the record that was chosen is dubbed “The Streetz.” It should be noted that this offering has not officially been released yet.

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Rabbi Rik[O] is a member of the Los Angeles collective Skyyboxx Clan. It consists of four members total. Other members besides Rabbi include: Chucc Schwartz, J Childs, and FIG Fooley. He is in his early twenties and reps for the Crenshaw District of LA. He recently released a completely original track called “In The Jungle” The song features a guest appearance from Kevin Cool of the Divine Atoms family. D’Elements serves as the producer of the track.

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Love her or hate her, there is no denying that when veteran diva Jennifer Lopez attaches her name to something, it becomes a pretty big deal. So it’s no surprise that her return back to the big screen made some pretty huge waves. On the 23rd of this month, her latest flick The Boy Next Door hit theaters with a promising look to be all one could hope for in a sizzling new Thriller. JLo takes on the role of Claire. Claire is a freshly separated teacher who happens to capture the attention of her new teenage neighbor Noah. When the two elevate their flirtationship to the next level, things take a dreaded turn for the worst. TMC’s Rich P. and Kal’L were on deck to watch the dangerous affair play out and they invited three lovely ladies along for the ride. Singer/songwriter/rapper/model/CEO & Founder of Elite League Entertainment Kaylee Crossfire along with fellow Elite League Entertainment models Gina Nicole and Topaz were in the building to provide a female perspective on the flick. They also serve as the first ever guests on a webisode. See what the gang thought of the movie after the break.

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PR company Star Music Media (Destiny Loyd) is kicking off their new year by putting the world onto a well rounded R&B talent by the name of Jon Locke. Locke is holding it down for the Windy City and has definitely made the most of his past decade in the industry. He produces, plays instruments, has an educational background on the business side of things, has record label work experience, and so much more. Currently, he is gearing up to release some new tunes and preparing to get back on the road. Before he begins his 2015 takeover however, he took a moment to chat with The Illixer and give us a glimpse into how he operates. Check it out after the break.