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Rappers Ludacris and Kendrick Lamar are being met with some opposition down in the controversial state of Florida. The fellas are scheduled to headline a concert at JetBlue Park for Florida Gulf Coast University on November 24th called Eaglepalooza. However, resident Sheriff Mike Scott does not approve. He sent an extensive email to University President Wilson Bradshaw outlining his disdain for the show.

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“Coming Down” F/ TFOX (preview)

About a year has passed since the site last heard from Virginia rapper PHZ-Sicks. But he is back in action and set to release a new full length album entitled The Moment in November. One of the songs that will appear on the LP is called “Coming Down.” It was produced by Best Kept Secret and features another VA artist, TFOX. According to PHZ-Sicks, it was inspired by: his life in the South, 70s Blaxploitation films, late multi-talented R&B artist Curtis Mayfield, and infamous Hip-Hop duo OutKast. So what exactly does all of that amount to? Let’s dive into the song and find out.

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“Rattle” (listen/download)

Jeremiah Jay is a teen rapper rising through the ranks of the Hip-Hop world. He is representing the great state of Texas. He started his musical journey via drum playing and making beats. He’s performed everywhere from school events to hospitals. His largest audience thus far tops out at about 35,000 people. Not too shabby. Jeremiah uses music as a way to express himself and allow others to see into his life as a teenager. He also wants to motivate and inspire his peers. He wants them to know that no matter their circumstances that they need to: have a good time, be safe, and strive for success; because life is short. He carries out this goal by keeping his content lighthearted, amusing, and dance worthy. Additionally, he embodies these elements in his personality which is what has helped him quickly build up his fan base. But he’s not letting things like the tons of adoring female fan mobs that approach him in public, go to his head. He still wants to be seen as just another regular teen. Currently, he is signed with the Street Science Ent. family (Cassette Coast, Snow Tha Product) and is gearing up to release a mixtape in the Fall.

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“Drug Empire” (preview)

Best Kept Secret (listen/download)

Aye Yo Smiley is a fresh face to the world of Hip-Hop and R&B. She hails from Washington, DC and released her debut project earlier this year. That project was a mixtape dubbed Best Kept Secret. It contains 13 total tracks and has received fairly positive reviews. Part of the collective is a track titled “Drug Empire.” The song was produced by Martin Mac. The single is set to a hood savvy production laced with offbeat musical elements. The content is of an adequate quality. Smiley enlists a delectable flow, estimable wordplay, and select rhymes. She establishes herself as a tough competitor in the game despite her small stature and pretty face. Overall, this a first-rate offering.

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Donuts (iTunes)

The late J. Dilla is set to be remembered in a creative and tasty way courtesy of his uncle Herman Hayes aka Uncle Herm. Hayes has plans to open up a brand new business this Fall. The business will be a doughnut shop and it will be located in the city of Detroit. The shop will be named Dilla’s Delights after the late producer himself in ode of not only his memory but one of his favorite foods.