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News: Doughnut Shop To Open Up In Detroit In Memory Of J. Dilla

by Miracle

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The late J. Dilla is set to be remembered in a creative and tasty way courtesy of his uncle Herman Hayes aka Uncle Herm. Hayes has plans to open up a brand new business this Fall. The business will be a doughnut shop and it will be located in the city of Detroit. The shop will be named Dilla’s Delights after the late producer himself in ode of not only his memory but one of his favorite foods.

The shop will serve doughnuts of course, plus coffee, juice, and tea. The doughnuts will be made of all natural ingredients. So that’s a healthy bonus. They will also come in over 20 varieties with names influenced by Dilla’s legacy including: the Conant Gardens Glaze, the Fantastic Fritter, and McNasty Macaroons. The shop will span about 800 square feet and will be located on the ground floor of The Ashley, previously known as the Milner Hotel. The location is significant too because Dilla lived in the hotel for a short period of time during his childhood. Additionally, the establishment will incorporate the spinning of songs by Dilla along with artists he worked with and sampled in vinyl format. Dilla’s Delights is slated to open it’s doors in October or November of this year. Hayes is well qualified to take on this venture. He is a former baker as well as the founder of Yancey Boys Music Group and The J. Dilla Foundation. Not to mention, he’s the person who got Dilla hooked on the sweet treats in the first place. He said he wanted to do something besides just putting out music to honor his nephew. He feels the business is a good idea because it’s something profitable that will carry Dilla’s name and potentially be around for many years to come. Which makes it a great way to give back to the producer for the impact that he made in the Urban music world. Donuts was the title of J. Dilla’s final album. It was produced and recorded entirely from his deathbed. The project was released on February 7, 2006, which happened to be Dilla’s 32nd birthday. Sadly, he passed away three days later. His cause of death was illness due to Lupus complications and a rare blood disorder called Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura.

**My Two Cents: I think this is an awesome idea. It’s unique and just a really cool way to pay tribute to someone. I hope that the shop does well and sticks around for a while. It would definitely be a memorable spot to visit for die hard Hip-Hop fans. Props to Uncle Herm for showing love to his nephew in such a trendy way. I don’t know about organic baked goods but if I ever make it to the D, I’d be down to vibe out to some Dilla with a cup of coffee for sure. May he rest in paradise. -MinM

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