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Cassette Coast F/ Stunta – “Gone On” (Video)

by Miracle

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“Gone On” F/ Stunta (iTunes)

The Texas homie Cassette Coast is back with a fresh visual. This one is for the song “Gone On” off of his latest effort Thinking Out Loud 3: The Other Side Of My Heart. It should be noted that in order to accommodate the video, Coast had to record a second version of the song. Thus the reason why there is a different guest artist listed than the one on the tape. Readers can get all of the juicy details about the changes from Coast himself here. The single takes a slow peaceful meditation style production and fuses it with street themed content. The pairing is meant to be a metaphor of Coast’s former Gangsta persona going head to head with his newly artistically reformed one. He followed this idea for the concept of the video as well. See how it turned out after the break.

This video was directed by Cgunnz and edited by Vic Okoro. It opens up with Coast receiving an assassination mission from Evil Carlos. From there, he and his crew are shown in a deserted area decked out in painters’ uniforms, pretending to cover up graffiti that is taking up space on some stone walls. While they are “working” a cab pulls up and an individual by the name of Kidd The Great hops out with a briefcase. This is where things get a little odd. Coast accidentally gets shot by one of his comrades before they can begin to carry out their mission. This sends Kidd ducking for cover and back into the cab. He pulls off a quick escape, leaving the mission botched. As a result, Coast and his crew ignite a shoot out amongst themselves. They take a variety of hits but no one is seemingly injured or killed. Instead the bullets end up as blood like splatters on the all white painters’ gear. It’s reminiscent of paintball but with real weapons. The shoot out carries on for the duration of the flick. The piece concludes with someone finally getting laid out. As a whole, this was a diverting light-hearted watch. Additional details about the video can be found via the earlier linked to blog post by Coast.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool and creative video. Once again, not at all what I expected. I like the fact that Coast thinks so outside of the box for his visuals. Makes them much more interesting to view and separates him from the pack. I think readers will be fond of this too. It is vital that they check out the blog post about the video though. It provides a better understanding and appreciation of the work as opposed to just strictly watching the video by itself. -MinM

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