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News: Florida Sheriff Has No Love For Ludacris & Kendrick Lamar

by Miracle

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Rappers Ludacris and Kendrick Lamar are being met with some opposition down in the controversial state of Florida. The fellas are scheduled to headline a concert at JetBlue Park for Florida Gulf Coast University on November 24th called Eaglepalooza. However, resident Sheriff Mike Scott does not approve. He sent an extensive email to University President Wilson Bradshaw outlining his disdain for the show.

He feels that due to the use of the “n-word” and other profane language in their music, that the two should have never been considered for the event. He went on to say that he thinks it’s hypocritical to persecute some people for these violations (citing the Paula Deen drama as an example) but that others get a pass to say whatever they want. Especially, since the university president is African American. And that inviting the rappers to the county is a negative display of endorsement by FGCU. Another big problem that Sheriff Scott has with the event is safety.  President Bradshaw originally recruited 75 – 100 extra security officers to ensure the event will run smoothly but the Sheriff is saying he may not approve of the request. He believes the need for extra protection is a further indication that the artists’ presence will lead to some type of drama or problems. Despite the fact that having excess security was a practice put in place for previous large events such as the filming of Girls Gone Wild, baseball games, Country Music concerts, etc.

Bradshaw responded with the fact that both Ludacris & Kendrick have performed at over 200 other colleges/universities nationwide and have had no incidents or acts of violence occur. Also, he reports that the university isn’t just relying on security alone. There will be metal detectors, personal searches, a no reentry allowed rule, and a list of prohibited items (large bags, coolers, etc.) enforced as well. Plus, he reassured the Sheriff that the artists were booked via the proper protocol by the FGCU Programming Board. Thus, the university is more than prepared to handle the event. Bradshaw has no ill feelings about the Sheriff’s concerns, he chalks it up as just being a part of life. The student body expressed a serious desire to have Ludacris & Kendrick Lamar perform at Eaglepalooza and therefore the university staff promises that they will do everything in their powers to make sure the event is a safe and enjoyable success. On an ironic note, Sheriff Scott’s daughter is rumored to be a part of said student body.

**My Two Cents: This is so ridiculous to me. So it’s okay to have porn (Girls Gone Wild) filmed in your county but heaven forbid a Hip-Hop show take place there?! Give me a break. Kendrick Lamar isn’t even that type of rapper. And Ludacris is on the mild side too. I think the sheriff is full of crap and I am so happy that the university president is not backing down. I hope the concert turns out flawlessly with absolutely no issues at all so that they can rub it in the sheriff’s face. I really dislike the negative stigma that surrounds my Hip-Hop culture due to the actions of a select few (smh). -MinM

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