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PHZ-Sicks F/ TFOX – “Coming Down”

by Miracle

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“Coming Down” F/ TFOX (preview)

About a year has passed since the site last heard from Virginia rapper PHZ-Sicks. But he is back in action and set to release a new full length album entitled The Moment in November. One of the songs that will appear on the LP is called “Coming Down.” It was produced by Best Kept Secret and features another VA artist, TFOX. According to PHZ-Sicks, it was inspired by: his life in the South, 70s Blaxploitation films, late multi-talented R&B artist Curtis Mayfield, and infamous Hip-Hop duo OutKast. So what exactly does all of that amount to? Let’s dive into the song and find out.

The production here is sleek. It is made up of: a level foundation, soulful secondary components, a measured pace, and a polished vibe. The hook is likeable. The vocals are charming and the lyrics are proper. The verses are of a shipshape quality. PHZ-Sicks provides a fervent flow, prevalent wordplay, and thorough rhymes. He gives the listener the run down on some of his earlier mentioned sources of inspiration, which also unveils a little bit about him on a personal level. A couple of interesting lines are: “For four years I was raised in Mississippi. Fried chicken and some collard greens. Ham-hocks in the pot. Black-eyed peas every New Year’s Eve. Look up to my uncles. They were them top n—as. On Sundays, it was against the law but my grandma was selling that liquor. That product in that pick up. Black pride with my fist up. Grandfather wasn’t around but I knew he had his fifth up.” Strong opening bars that really grab the listener’s attention right there. All in all, this selection was a success.

**My Two Cents: I dig this cut. PHZ-Sicks’ influences were well represented, the content was solid, and the production was satisfying. I look forward to seeing what else he has to offer after going through a two year hiatus. He discusses his time away, the upcoming album, and more via the above video. Readers should take a peek at it when they have a few minutes to spare. It’s pretty interesting. -MinM

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