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Jeremiah Jay – “Rattle” (Video)

by Miracle

JEREMIAHJAY14(Photo By JeremiahJay.Com)

“Rattle” (listen/download)

Jeremiah Jay is a teen rapper rising through the ranks of the Hip-Hop world. He is representing the great state of Texas. He started his musical journey via drum playing and making beats. He’s performed everywhere from school events to hospitals. His largest audience thus far tops out at about 35,000 people. Not too shabby. Jeremiah uses music as a way to express himself and allow others to see into his life as a teenager. He also wants to motivate and inspire his peers. He wants them to know that no matter their circumstances that they need to: have a good time, be safe, and strive for success; because life is short. He carries out this goal by keeping his content lighthearted, amusing, and dance worthy. Additionally, he embodies these elements in his personality which is what has helped him quickly build up his fan base. But he’s not letting things like the tons of adoring female fan mobs that approach him in public, go to his head. He still wants to be seen as just another regular teen. Currently, he is signed with the Street Science Ent. family (Cassette Coast, Snow Tha Product) and is gearing up to release a mixtape in the Fall.

To demonstrate a bit of what he can do, the Street Science Ent. team sent over his latest video. It’s for his single “Rattle.” The song is set to a high octane production with vigorous components, a spirited tempo, and a zealous vibe. There is no hook. But Jeremiah makes up for it with witty playful content and a catchy call to action at the end. As a whole, this is a fun single. The video is pretty pleasant too. It’s a brief number and the plot is fairly easy to understand. The camera more or less just follows Jeremiah around as he spends a day at the mall. He mostly just browses. But he does show some interest in sneakers and makes it a point to visit the infamous Johnny Dang & Co. shop (Paul Wall) in the interest of custom jewelry. To amplify the video, there are a lot of movement, transition, and color devices. The flick concludes with one final hue distorted shot of Jeremiah in the upper level of the Texas shopping center. Overall, this was a quick and proper flick.

**My Two Cents: Jeremiah Jay is a cool cat. I love the upbeat energy that he displays in his music and he gets mad respect for keeping his content age appropriate. That is a rare thing in music these days. Artists usually just do whatever it takes to sell records and get a buzz. So its good to see someone with standards in their music, especially at such a young age. The video was valid too. People young and old can relate to hitting up the mall for a little recreation. For more with Jeremiah hit up his website via the link at the beginning of the post or visit him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. -MinM

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Becca Bermea August 30, 2013 - 1:20 pm

Wow! Great piece. Inspiring to know his music is fun, non explicit for his age. I understand why schools and others would have him perform! Keep doing what you’re doing Jeremiah Jay!!


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