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No Worries (preview/purchase)

Strange Tang (Elevated Underground Entertainment) is an avant-garde duo with origins in Kentucky and Atlanta, consisting of members O-BliQ and Price. The meaning behind the group’s name is a “different swag.” The twosome prides themselves on truly being original and hope that their music stands out as something fresh and not just more of the same old same. Their goal is to reach and appeal to people who are in the exploratory stage of life and their personal journey. This is reflected in their song content which ranges from finding employment to fancy keg parties.They have classified their music as a “living soundtrack.” Earlier this month they dropped a new LP dubbed, No Worries. See if the album would be a fitting addition to the soundtrack of your life after the break.

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So R&B singer Kal’L has officially brought his new music every two weeks venture to a close. He hit the net with the final single on the 26th. The single makes for a total of nineteen that were released under the project; which originally kicked off back in January. One has to respect Kal’L for showing dedication and being able to keep up with things for all that time. Especially since he had so many other things going on. Which will be highlighted in a special New Years Day post. So be sure to check back.

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Southside Milwaukee representer Louie Z, has been stepping his visual game up this month while pushing some new tunes. He’s done not one but two videos with two highly respected videographers in the Mil. The first single / video is titled “King Sh!t.” The track is a respectable offering. It entails clement musical elements and a super placid vibe. The is no hook and the verses are suitable. Louie presents a levelheaded flow and honorable rhymes. He does an expert job of painting a regal depiction of himself through his words. Continue reading to see how he and Steve White brought said words to life below.

Streets of Chicago V3 cover(Photo By Wood B Noise Inc.)

“Everyday” F/ Nino Punchlines & Tree

Philosopha is a descriptive artist who is holding it down for Chicago, IL. With an extensive catalog and performance resume that dates all the way back to 2003, his music is said to shed light on both the good and bad aspects of the windy city. His sound is described as fun and refreshing with the ability to appeal to vast amounts of people. His main objective is to provide music that will satisfy the needs of any listener. Last month he added yet another project under his belt, Streets of Chicago – Volume 3. One of the promotional items from the offering was a track titled, “Everyday.” The song is located towards the end of the mixtape and features fellow rappers Nino Punchlines & Tree.