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(Photo By Shle Berry)

Shle Berry is a female emcee who is putting on for Milwaukee. She is 21yrs old and getting her education at Alverno College. Her musical style spans from the genres of Hip-Hop to Pop but she is constantly looking to explore new sounds and boost her creativity. Shle views her music as relatable stories that not only entertain but allow her fans to get to know her as a person. And she is very open to crafting said tales with other artists.

(Photo By Chase)

“One Less Reason” (preview)

“Let’s Bounce” (preview)

Them Dudez are a group of young up-and-coming rappers who are based out of Mississippi. The members of the group are as follows: Chase, Lil Keith, Dopey Fresh, and Lil Stunna. The fellas all share the common traits of difficult upbringings and a serious love of music. Each got into rapping at an early age and has been working hard on enriching and perfecting their crafts ever since. The group’s end goal is for their music to take them to the ultimate plateau which would change their lives for the better.

(Photo By Facebook)

Lexi Trenee is a media personality based here in Milwaukee. She is best known for her online radio show, The Lexi Trenee Show. The show airs every Tuesday night from 8 – 9:30pm. People can phone in or listen here. It is a Hip-Hop focused show but Lexi incorporates a variety of other unique topics as well. Like wrestling, for example. Another thing that Lexi is well known for is a movement that spawned from her show. The movement is titled #SupportLocalMusic and it’s all about bringing light, advancement, and unity to the music scene here in the Mil. The movement includes: cyphers, live events, awards, and more. This was the first year for the movement and it has made a huge splash. So needless to say it has the potential to be a long lasting staple in the Milwaukee scene.

(Photo By Sound Cloud)

“Posse Song” F/ Lil Wyte, Miscellaneous, $hamrock, Partee, & Thug Therapy (preview)

Back From Tha Dead: Deadly Proverbs (Amazon)

The big day has arrived. Lord Infamous dropped his brand new album Back From Tha Dead: Deadly Proverbs at midnight today and the internet has been buzzing about it ever since. The album was released via Wyte Music Records. Therefore it is only right that the promo single is a track that features the entire squad. “Posse Song” is the number three track on the LP and it has been in heavy rotation to help spread the word about the project. The single was produced by Big Boi Beats and contains guest appearances from: Lil Wyte, Miscellaneous, $hamrock, Partee, & Thug Therapy.