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#SupportLocalMusic: Girlz Rock Cypher (Video)

by Miracle

(Photo By Facebook)

Lexi Trenee is a media personality based here in Milwaukee. She is best known for her online radio show, The Lexi Trenee Show. The show airs every Tuesday night from 8 – 9:30pm. People can phone in or listen here. It is a Hip-Hop focused show but Lexi incorporates a variety of other unique topics as well. Like wrestling, for example. Another thing that Lexi is well known for is a movement that spawned from her show. The movement is titled #SupportLocalMusic and it’s all about bringing light, advancement, and unity to the music scene here in the Mil. The movement includes: cyphers, live events, awards, and more. This was the first year for the movement and it has made a huge splash. So needless to say it has the potential to be a long lasting staple in the Milwaukee scene.


Last month Lexi put together a very special cypher for #SupportLocalMusic. She teamed up with rapper Son Em’ All to bring together a strong collective of local female emcees to represent and prove that they can hold their own. A total of seven female artists showed up and showed out including: Remedy Da Kure, Beanz, Lady SabO, Kia Rap Princess, Spinelli, Autumn Reign, and Ms. Felony. All of the ladies made a dope impression but Beanz definitely stood out from the pack. She was lyrically on point, threw a little singing in the mix, and seemed totally in her element. This makes for the third cypher in the #SupportLocalMusic series. The previous two can be seen on Lexi’s music blog. There are definitely more cyphers in the works. Therefore be sure to keep up with Lexi via the provided links so that you don’t miss out. She can also be found on Twitter.

**My Two Cents: I think Lexi has a cool show and I love her #SupportLocalMusic movement. We definitely need more genuine people to get behind and push the Milwaukee music scene. Also, I have to support any female who is rocking in these male dominated Hip-Hop trenches with me (lol). The Illixer and Lexi will be teaming up to work together on various future ventures. So keep an eye out for us! -MinM

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