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This past Friday (4/27) marked the night of the highly anticipated A Bad Girls Runway Show at Crisp Pizza Bar & Lounge. The doors opened at 10pm sharp. Once past security, guests had a few options. They could lounge around downstairs and enjoy the steady stream of dope tunes being spun by DJ Daddy Longlegs. It was sort of tame and relaxed in the lower area. Or if guests were feeling daring, they could head upstairs right to the heart of the party. The upstairs area was where all of the action took place. The models of the night were hanging out, taking pictures, and creating quite the buzz. There were tons of cameras going off and footage being captured. And the performers of the night: Monk-bms, Rustik, and $killz, were living it up in the upper level too. So there was no shortage of excitement. Though to his credit, Monk spread himself between the two sections as much as he could to interact with all of his guests and make sure things were running smoothly.

(Photos By B~Free)

Open Mic, Open Heart

B~Free is a R&B/Neo-Soul songstress raised here in Milwaukee but currently residing in her birth place of Chicago. She is also a songwriter, producer, and musician. B~Free has been submerged in music since the age of two. She started off singing and playing the piano and progressed to writing and composing music by age 13. From there, she majored in music in high school, got her B.A. in Music Performance in college, and is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Music Education. Somebody is serious about their craft. Armed with an impressive musical background and education, B~Free’s desire is take all she has gained and use it to develop a quality well-rounded gift that she can share with the world. So far she has carried out her desire by creating a strong performance resume. She has taken on venues from the East Coast to the Mid-West, including: The Kennedy Center, The Riverside Theater, The Double Door, etc. And recently she got to share the stage with some impressive names, Slum Village and Dwele.  Last month, she took her career to a new level and released her first full length album. Open Mic, Open Heart is an independent studio album that contains eight tracks. The project is all original material that is composed, produced, and performed by B~Free herself. It has been described as having a fusion of sounds that give a real and profound taste of what the Mid-West songbird can do. Let’s get into some tracks.

(Photo By Kidd Russell)

Kidd Russell is an emcee from Illinois with an  unorthodox approach to Hip-Hop. He blends a variety of styles with his music and thus has labeled it Alternative Hip-Hop. One can expect to hear everything from Reggae to Rockabilly in his work. Russell got his start just messing around with free-styling with a friend back in high school. After being encouraged to take music more seriously, Kidd Russell began to record and promote his music in college. Upon finishing college and returning home to Chicago, Russell kicked his music journey into high gear with self: management, promotion, and distribution. And all of his hard work and dedication has certainly paid off. He has had his music on various major networks, his videos have been played on MTV, he has opened for major Hip-Hop names such as Common, and the list goes on. His most recent achievement comes in catching the attention of the infamous Sonja Norwood. Yes, R&B superstars Brandy and Ray J‘s momager. Her input has led Kidd Russell to working with producer Cisco Adler. One result of their work is a single called “Pulaski Day.”



The previous post featuring Boys Like Britain is getting major views. Therefore figured it would be a good time to share some of her music. As mentioned, she is a Hip-Hop artist. Her style and lyrics are pretty unique but according to some of her interviews and such, she is heavily influenced by the 80’s and fellow female rapper Kreayshawn. She even has a Kreayshawn tattoo, now that is a die hard fan for you. She sent over three different tracks for readers’ listening pleasure. This post will take an in depth look into one and then leave the other two for everyone to listen to and judge on their own. Since it is almost the weekend, the selected track is “VIP Night.” The track is a collaboration with local Dub-Step duo Condor. The duo are associates of Britain’s, who are into both producing and rapping. The production for the track features a mid-tempo pace and a smooth chill vibe. It sounds dope. No hook or chorus is present on this cut. The first verse features a brief mention of the song title at the end but that is it. The fellas of Condor take on the first part of the track and Boys Like Britain makes her presence felt on the final portion. All three artists came with lots of personality and fun solid rhymes. They leave no doubt in the listener’s mind that they know how to party and have a good time. Overall, this was a nice track. Perfect for that weekend playlist everyone has that they jam to as they prepare to go out and hit the town.