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Yupe – “Blastin”

by Miracle
“Blazin” (Stream Here)

Yupe is a New York born talent who was raised in the ATL. He prides himself on mixing melodic deliveries with quality lyrics. He feels like this approach helps to attract a fan base that consists of listeners from all walks of life. As a part of his brand, he established an imprint called Crase Records. The entity is all about facilitating creativity in others as well as encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Gotta love the positive tone of it all. To introduce him to The Illixer, his team sent over a single simply titled “Blazin.”

The production here is enjoyable. The quiet base, lightweight instrumentation, neutral rhythm, and calming vibe make for a satisfying combination. The hook is solid. The delivery is easy on the ears and the lyrics are intriguing. The verses are adequate. Yupe takes on a harmony laced flow and pairs it with favorable wordplay and casual rhymes. He speaks fondly as he describes kicking it with a special someone and the various emotions that he feels along with it. A sampling of which includes: “Said I’d be on time. Sorry I was late. You’ve been on my mind. Had to come and see you.” It’s definitely giving big night in with bae type of energy. A total mood for sure. Overall, this is a valid offering.

**My Two Cents: Yupe puts me in the mind of a more tamer version of The Weeknd. His melodic approach is very appealing. I would like to hear just a little more emphasis in his voice though. I think it would allow his lyrics to land better and add more clarity as well. But “Blazin” is a cool tune. Definitely something that I would put on when I’m in the mood to just zone out and chill. I’m interested in hearing Yupe on some different style tracks to experience what else he can do. Hopefully his team will reach out with future releases. Be sure to check back. -MinM

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