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Introducing: Juno Lost Kause

by Miracle

Juno Lost Kause (Mobbed Up Records) is an artist making major moves from Chicago, IL. He’s holding it down for the Latino Humboldt Park Community. Initially using poetry and music as a means of venting, he has quickly grew to become a versatile voice with an international reach. His catalog spans multiple genres from Reggaeton to Pop to Hip-Hop. His singles have landed on music charts and he’s collaborated with some noteworthy names in the industry, Add to that a performance resume that’s taken him from his hometown to all the way overseas to Korea, and it’s no wonder that Juno is already being given goat status. Currently, he is pushing two different singles. One shows off his street Hip-Hop side and the other shows off his Spanglish side.

Earlier this year, Juno Lost Kause teamed up with the one and only Katie Got Bandz for a track & video titled “Bruce Lee.” The track is making waves on the radio and the video is almost at 50,000 views. That is pretty impressive. The record is set to a hard hitting production with a snazzy vibe. The hook is uniquely executed and consists of catchy lyrics. Juno and Katie each hold their own on the verses. Both artists bring individualized styles and gritty bars. Overall, it’s a definite banger and deserving of the success that has been achieved. And the Asian themed vision makes for a nice compliment to the selection.

At the beginning of the Summer, Juno unleashed a song with a set of visuals dubbed “Bellaca.” It’s a grown & sexy number that stands out due to Juno’s usage of both Spanish and English. The production is a low-key number with an undeniable groove present. The hook is where Juno shows off his bilingual skills. He also gives a little bit of melody in his delivery. It’s a good look. The verses are fun and flirty. Juno Lost Kause comes through with a charismatic flow and sensual lyrics. He definitely knows how to sweet talk the ladies (lol). All in all, this is another winning offering from the Chicago rapper. The video is giving tropical exotic festivities on a mature level. Dope companion piece for sure.

**My Two Cents: I came across Juno Lost Kause while doing some business for the label that he is signed to, Mobbed Up Records. I was drawn to his style and the fact that he has such a diverse approach to his music. That is dope. Also, I dig what he represents. He goes hard for his culture. And he considers himself the voice of the outcasts/black sheep. He wants to prove that even as the underdog, you can still come out on top. As for the above tracks, I think “Bellaca” is my favorite. It’s just a whole mood and perfect for the Summer season. Juno got off on both songs though. Definitely looking forward to featuring him more in the future. Y’all be sure to get familiar and stay tuned. -MinM

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