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Baby Montana – “Push It”

by Miracle
“Push It” (Stream Here)

Baby Montana enjoyed his debut on the site so much that he sent us another submission. This time around he sent over a relatively new single. The single is entitled “Push It.” And he’s already showing signs of stepping his game up.

The production here is winning. The steady base, low-key musical elements, middling rhythm, and savvy vibe blend together smoothly. The hook is magnetic. The delivery is energetic and the lyrics are straightforward. The verses are satisfactory. Baby Montana comes through with a distinctive flow, quality wordplay, and saucy rhymes. He’s talking pretty heavy and we are definitely here for all of it. Peep as he spits: “She shaking a** and s–t in a two piece while I’m trying to bag a brick. I’m not trying to bag this b—h. But I’m trying to smash. Smacking that a** and s–t. She want a bag and s–t from a rich n—a so she can brag and s–t. She like the last little b—h. But I kept her around so she could bag the grits.” Those bars right there make for a lit first half of the track. Overall, this song is official.

**My Two Cents: I feel like “Push It” throws Baby Montana in the running for sure. It’s definitely giving the energy of current popular mainstream hits. I really like it. The beat is perfect for his style and you can tell that he pushed his pen a little extra for this one. If Baby Montana stays on this path, he is going to be shaking off industry offers left and right in the very near future. Looking forward to seeing him continue to grow and develop in his artistry. -MinM

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