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Blakc Shiffe – Blakcman (EP Review)

by Miracle
Blakcman (Stream Here)

Readers were previously introduced to Blakc Shiffe via his song/video “Blocka.” A couple of weeks ago, he released his highly anticipated EP, Blakcman. The collective consists of eight total tracks and interestingly enough there are no feature appearances. Additionally, the songs all fall on the shorter side in terms of length. Continue reading to see what other tracks caught the site’s ear besides the previously mentioned single.

“Journal Entry”

This is the opening track for the EP. The production here is clean. The quiet instrumentation, graceful secondary ingredients, easy going tempo, and pensive vibe make for a pleasing match-up. The hook is creative. The delivery is conversational and the lyrics are endearing. There is only one entry/verse present. It is of a high grade quality. Blakc Shiffe utilizes a clear-cut flow, personal wordplay, and free-spoken rhymes. He transports the listener to a private moment between him and his special confidant. A little snippet from their session includes: “Me and pops talked. Worked s–t out. We done been good since then. I don’t really think about her. It just didn’t work. Now I’m f–king her friend. N—a want to f–k with me but not f–k with my dawg, I can’t ride no fence.” One has to respect Shiffe’s unfiltered approach within those bars right there. All in all, this is a very choice way to kick off the EP.

“I Wanna”

The production here is well put together. The sophisticated foundation, flirty musical elements, median rhythm, and club friendly vibe are a hit. The hook is catchy. The delivery is melodic and the lyrics are straightforward. The individual verse is solid. Blakc Shiffe comes through with a spirited flow, explicit wordplay, and mature rhymes. He shows off the ladies’ man side of his persona in a very colorful fashion. A peek into his adults only musings includes: “Trying to nail you. Hold yo legs up. Let me rail you. Give you long d*ck, farewell you. The way you move them lips, I can’t tell you. The hips on you kill me.” Gotta love a man who is not shy about his desires and intentions. As a whole, this is a fun grown & sexy cut.

“Less Merciful”

This marks the last song of the collective. The production here is valid. The slight bass, soulful musical details, neutral pace, and sobering vibe are a suitable fit. There is no hook in the traditional sense on this tune. Instead there is more of a break that features a bit of reflecting from Shiffe. It’s a good look. The verses are official. Blakc Shiffe serves up a consistent flow, raw wordplay, and weighted rhymes. He does a stand up of job of expanding on the sentiments set forth by the title of the track. For example he spits: “You miss all the shots that you don’t shoot. That’s why I shoot all the shots that you won’t do. Sit with me. She want to. Eat with me. You want to. But sitting at this table playing ain’t something that you gone do.” Big he said what he said energy coming from those bars right there. Overall, this is a top notch way to close out the EP.

**My Two Cents: So full disclosure, I thought Blakc Shiffe was going to hit us over the head with a pure hood effort with this EP. I was expecting the “Blocka” energy times ten. I could not have been more wrong (lol). But in this case, I am super happy that I was. Blakcman is a well rounded offering with fresh content. The project has a little something for all tastes. And Blakc Shiffe toys around with various styles/sounds. I love that. I’ve given my perspective on only four of the eight tracks but really the whole EP is winning. Shiffe told me he is not one of them (lol) when I mentioned my early predictions for the EP and he spoke facts. Blakcman is definitely in my top rankings for local projects this year. When Shiffe gets that break remember where y’all heard him first. -MinM

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