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Marz Lightyear – “Realeast $hit I Ever Wrote”

by Miracle

Marz Lightyear (DangerousRapRecords) is a 414 artist with some ties to Chicago, IL as well. It was during his time there that he discovered his love for sports and music. He initially utilized music to help enhance his athletic performance. He took a liking to older Hip-Hop (N.W.A., LL Cool J, Tupac, etc.). Eventually a close friend would give him the blueprint to writing bars and creating music of his own. His newfound skill set would come in handy when he found himself on his own after his mother moved back to Wisconsin and he stayed behind in Illinois. Music became his outlet for expression. In 2012, he returned to Milwaukee and his conscious brand of Hip-Hop with a new school twist made a favorable impression. He prides himself on having a relatable message in his music which stems from him basing his rhymes off of: life experiences, struggles, and current events.

Marz Lightyear is currently undergoing a rebranding of sorts and preparing to release a new project. However, The Illixer was given a couple of his previous releases to check out in order to get familiar with the Mil-town emcee. Marz has a notable resume under his belt but there was one song in particular that stuck with us a little more than the rest. Said song is entitled “Realist $hit I Ever Wrote.” The tune is set to a hushed production with a measured tempo and a reflective vibe. There is no hook present. But with the way the single is structured a hook isn’t necessary. The extended verse is suitable. Marz steps up to the plate with a marked flow, smart wordplay, and meaningful rhymes. He gives the listener a thorough glance at life from his perspective. A sample of his musings includes: “I’m the type of n—a that won’t speak if I don’t know you. You the type of dude with no pistol and speaking too loose. Walk in the show. Thang on my hip. Hope it don’t shake loose. We in the zone. Hope I don’t slip. I’m off that drank too. Gold on my neck. B—h I’m a king. I can not see you.” Those bars right there give a concise and raw image. Overall, this is a valid number.

**My Two Cents: Marz Lightyear is pretty dope to me. He definitely has his own style/sound. I dig what he’s done so far and am looking forward to what he has in store with the new phase of his career. “Realist $hit I Ever Wrote” gives me classic Hip-Hop energy. It’s a refreshing change of pace from all of the trends that lace the genre these days. Readers will be seeing more of Marz on the site for sure. So stay tuned! -MinM

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