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Yo Dot – “The Struggle”

by Miracle

YODOT - Struggle(Photos By Yo Dot)

“The Struggle” (listen/download)

Rapper Yo Dot is making sure to keep up the momentum he created with his latest mixtape, Sherman Park Memoirs. A few days ago, he dropped a fresh single called “The Struggle.” It has been coined as a loosey and was produced by the infamous Deonte Hayes. He did a praise worthy job. It is made up of a snazzy bass, novel musical ingredients, a median rhythm, and an engaging vibe. The hook is hot. The delivery is magnetic. The lyrics are real and extremely well put together. The verses are top of the line. Yo Dot unleashes a polished flow, durable wordplay, and blue ribbon rhymes. His pen speaks of past as well as present hardships that he has had to face and the ways he’s worked to overcome of them. Some of said ways being less than ideal. Observe as he reveals: “I did some evil things. Father forgive Satan. Sold crack to fiends right in they kids’ faces. I’m accountable for sins I committed. So I’m aware of the karma and I admit though. Most try to deny it. And try to justify it. But never think of the addicts; addicted, suffering, dying. Trying to take control of the fact that the kid that I’m raising need clothes on his back.” One has to respect Yo Dot for owning up to his mistakes. It takes a big person to do that. Those bars are ill. Overall, this was an epic stand alone single.


**My Two Cents: This is my favorite song by Yo Dot thus far. His flow fit the beat perfectly and his rhymes were very high grade. This solidified Yo Dot on my list of elite emcees in the 414. I’m glad that he decided to share it with the site. Readers should definitely have this one in heavy rotation. -MinM

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