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Yo Dot F/ Hart Gunther – “I’m On It”

by Miracle

1393612_10153488546910265_26633616_n(Photo By Umbrella Music Group)

“I’m On It” F/ Hart Gunther (listen/download)

Milwaukee rapper Yo Dot is getting ready to drop a little something on his supporters this Winter. The project is entitled A Winter’s Ration and it will actually be a six song EP. The EP is scheduled to hit airwaves on December 9th. To get the buzz in motion for the upcoming release, Yo Dot and his crew are circulating a new single. It’s titled “I’m On It” and it contains a guest appearance by Hart Gunther. Gunther also happened to produce the track.

He did a remarkable job. The production is ill. The sunken bass, tense hushed secondary elements, casual pace, and grave vibe make for a magnetic combination. The hook is commendable too. The delivery has an unique distorted tone to it and the lyrics are practical. The verses are raw. Yo Dot provides a well groomed flow, real wordplay, and invaluable rhymes. He establishes a striking portrayal of the conditions that surround him as he does his best to try and rise above it all. A couple of lines worth taking in are: “Ain’t a n—a to be trusted. So I stay to my group. Paranoid from a new face. And ya never can be too safe. Let ’em in ya circle, then they stab you in the back before it’s too late. I survived through the worst times. Keep it living where some died. Ducking trying to run, hide. And you only get one life. Walking dead through the night trying to make it to the sunrise.” Harrowing sentiments created by those bars right there. Overall, this track is a smash.

1463314_10153481615445265_664964950_n**My Two Cents: This was a great offering by Yo Dot. The production was just right, the guest appearance was fitting, and the content was all business. This record certainly sets a high standard for the other five tracks on the pending EP. Thus I can’t wait to hear how the rest of the project turned out. Much love to Umbrella Music Group for sending this one our way. -MinM

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Rockz November 22, 2013 - 1:05 pm

Love Yo Dot- I definitely cant wait to hear how this project turned out also! 🙂


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