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Floozy – “Shake” (Video)

by Miracle

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Rapper Floozy is making sure to keep himself on the Milwaukee music scene radar. His latest effort in doing just that comes by way of the release of his most recent video for his song, “Shake.” The record is featured on his current mixtape Here’s To You and was selected as a standalone single as well. It’s a street savvy number pertaining to Floozy’s desire to surpass all of the obstacles in his path and reach the ultimate level of success. The production is choice and the content is up to snuff. Overall, it’s a satisfying offering.

The video was done by Savi. The theme of the visuals merely depicts Floozy riding around the city hustling with his partner. As they make their runs, significant areas of the 414 are highlighted. For example, there are bits and pieces of the notoriously traffic heavy Capitol Dr. shown. He also spends some solo time vibing out in the Sherman Park area. He even ventures over to the South-side where he visits local rapper/tattoo artist RA at Aztec Ink Tattoo Shop. Additionally, there are glimpses of common Milwaukee sights such as: dice games, people hugging the block, police cars, etc. And there is a cool trembling effect that serves as a fitting nod to the song’s title. The flick concludes with a bit of promo and a word from a young Floozy supporter. All in all, it was a quality orthodox piece of work.

**My Two Cents: This was a cool video. I dig the fact that it brought themes from the track to life like hustling, the rough environments, and so forth. Also, I thought the little shuddering movement was a creative touch too. It was done just enough to be noticeable without taking anything away from the condition of the visuals. I’ve seen flicks where it looked like the camera man was having a seizure or something. So it was dope that Savi nailed it. I think if readers have a few minutes to spare, they should definitely check out Floozy’s short film. -MinM

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Rockz November 25, 2013 - 3:35 pm

I love this video! The song concept and lyrics are dope as hell but i really dont like the effects n auto tuning on his voice 🙁


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