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Bobby V Presents: Journey To Peach Moon (Web Series – Episodes 6 & 7)

by Miracle

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It’s time to venture through episodes six and seven of R&B sensation Bobby V‘s hit new web series, Journey To Peach Moon. Episode 6 is dubbed “Style.” It opens with a clip of some of Bobby V’s former work via his past record “Anonymous.” The singer then proceeds to go into detail about recording the song in Vegas and shares a bit of intriguing information about the infamous Palms Casino Resort. He also brings light to more of his label industry woes. So the focal point of the entry is to help the viewer get a better understanding of the sound that Bobby V was aiming for in his previous offerings vs. what the label heads wanted him to sound like. Check it out below.

Episode seven is dubbed “Artistry.” This segment opens with a few words from professional guitarist Markeith Black. He speaks in depth on what he feels makes for good genuine music. Additionally, he briefly mentions the strategy that was utilized in the creation of Peach Moon. Next, the viewer is introduced to professional trumpeter James King. He offers a little bit of his background during which he receives a quick co-sign from Bobby V himself. There are also clips of each musician jamming out in their respective elements. The video ends with an extended preview of a track off of the upcoming EP. This was a pretty neat segment all in all.

**My Two Cents: I have really enjoyed hearing about Bobby V’s story thus far. These two episodes definitely added to that sentiment. The tale of how “Anonymous” came to be and the significance of the record was compelling. And getting to slightly know some of the musicians he’s worked with as individuals was fun. He’s got a great ear for live music. Peach Moon drops December 12th and episode 8 in the web-series is on the way. So be sure to stay tuned. -MinM

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