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Xzibit & B-Real (Serial Killers) F/ Ea$y Money – “Legends Never Die”

by Miracle

Serial_Killers_Photo_by_Micheal_Cerdeiros (Photo By Google Images)

 “Legends Never Die” F/ Ea$y Money (listen/download)

So the first full length downloadable track off of the upcoming Serial Killer‘s (Xzibit, B-Real, Demrick) debut mixtape, Serial Killers: Volume 1, was released to the net not too long ago. It’s called “Legends Never Die” and it was produced by the infamous Statik Selektah. The production turned out grandly. The buoyant infrastructure, consistently refined instrumentation, and measured tempo give off a light Rock type of feel. The hook continues with that same aura. It’s of a blue ribbon quality. The vocals are passionate and the lyrics are succinct yet significant. The verses are legit. This particular track just features group members Xzibit and B-Real. Xzibit works his magic on the first and third verses, while B-Real shows & proves on the second. Each artist utilizes an individualized flow, valid wordplay, and abrasive rhymes. The duo do a fine job of demonstrating why they are still relevant forces in the Hip-Hop game after all these years and why they will remain as such well into the future. A couple of lines worth remembering from Xzibit are: “I’m from the gutter. I’m medicated by drug money. Take everything, there ain’t nothing else you can take from me! Never break for you n—as. Swinging until my hands bloody. Time flies, dreams die, people lose faith. Trying to hide behind a lie with a straight face. Buzz kill, boots on the ground cause I’m straight laced. F–k love, never needed love in the first place.” Those bars paint a very menacing emotional image. All in all, this song is a winner.

**My Two Cents: I liked this cut a lot. The production was different yet quality. The content was pretty righteous too. And I respect the theme of the record as a whole. I wouldn’t mind seeing a video done for this one. Serial Killers: Volume 1 hits the web on Halloween via Live Mixtapes. So be sure to take time out on October 31st to hit up the website and show the trio some love. -MinM

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