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J’Demul – “Neighborhood Hoe”

by Miracle


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“Neighborhood Hoe” (listen/download)

St. Louis has a new teen sensation on the rise in their Hip-Hop scene and he goes by the name of J’Demul. He truly values not only the music aspect of the Hip-Hop world but also the culture itself. His love and appreciation of the art stems from the inspiration he draws from one of his favorite artists, veteran rapper Scarface. He has also come to treat the lows and highs of trying to break into the industry as valuable learning experiences. Known for vocalizing his life ordeals in his tunes as well as giving an impressive live performance; J’Demul is on a mission to show the world what he is capable of while extending his following outside of the STL. His next step in carrying out that plan is the release of his sophomore project, June. The mixtape is named after his uncle and serves as a collection of stories pertaining to his: childhood, friends, and family. It is scheduled to be released on November 15.

The Illixer received one of the singles off of the upcoming effort titled, “Neighborhood Hoe.” The production here is decent. It contains a low key bass, pleasant graceful components, a soothing tempo, and an uninhibited vibe. The hook is entertaining. The delivery has a fun melodic tone to it and the lyrics are forward. The verses are adequate. J’Demul presents an evident flow, conventional wordplay, and sufficient rhymes. He divulges his adventures with the opposite sex in an amusing fashion though things end on a bit of a darker note. Lines worth mentioning include: “Tell me am I wrong? Cause this hoe been on my team every since my first song. (…) And I don’t mean to call her hoe but I be feeling like she playing me. Trying to trap a n—a just before I blow up. Cause back in high school she was popular demand. And even though she had a man I was still hitting skins with no rubber on. S–t, at least I admit. I was in love with this chick. But she had numerous n—as. We’ll get to that s–t.” Those bars are an enticing way to open the track. Everyone loves a good scandalous tale. Overall, this is a fair single.

**My Two Cents: So J’Demul was recommended to the site by our new friends over at Stereo Assault. He’s a solid artist. His style stands out and he has some becoming lyrics. I think if he added just a little bit more polish to his work, he’d be just fine. He’s got plenty of time to refine things though. “Neighborhood Hoe” was an interesting record. I loved the story-telling element to it and the ending was a surprise. I did not see it coming at all. So that was dope too. I think readers will concur. Only way to find out for sure is to listen to the song. Then visit J’Demul on the web to discover what else the young talent has going on. -MinM

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