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Bizal Mcloud – Da Bizness (Mixtape Interview)

by Miracle


“Good Cook” (preview)

“Cooley High” (listen/download)

What up world, Cell here! I came across the homie Bizal Mcloud straight from Milwaukee and he has a mixtape releasing really soon. As a Bird Flu Ent. founder and representer, Bizal is really dope when it comes to making real and authentic Hip-Hop and street music. I can easily say that for the simple fact that I have heard and saw him perform live and he definitely puts on a dope show. Growing up as a kid, he easily became hooked on music. One of Bizal’s inspirations is the legendary Mystikal himself! Bizal was a very artistic illustrator and good with his rhymes growing up despite not being much into sports. “Rap is my sport,” says Bizal. “When I got some hot lines or said some hot bars, everybody would always go crazy!” Bizal Mcloud has an upcoming mixtape dropping titled Da Bizness. Let’s get straight to the point and learn a little more about the man himself and his upcoming mixtape.

Cell: Who are some of your favorite artists of all time?

Bizal: I gotta go with Mystikal, Biggie Smalls, 2 Pac, and Jay-Z. And Lil Wayne has been doing it for 20 years so you can’t argue with longevity.

Cell: The name of your mixtape is titled Da Bizness. Tell us more about the meaning behind it.

Bizal: Da Bizness, you know? Like anybody ever give you “da bizness (lol)?” When you talk about things like countries, businesses, and stock markets; I feel like I’m all of that in one. Like I can generate revenue. I am “da bizness.”

Cell: Who are some of the features on the mixtape?

Bizal: We got Awol, Inferno, Fetti, LV, Metro (BFE), Lady ThreeEighty (BFE), J Lamo, & Lord Slug.

Cell: What should we be expecting from this mixtape?

Bizal: It’s a combination of hard work and different genres of music that I’ve been working on for a couple of years or so. But people can look forward to a full length project and not just a couple of tracks for you to listen to. This mixtape flows like a river. People can look forward to a great project as a whole!

Cell: What are some of your favorite tracks from Da Bizness?

Bizal: I really love all 12 of them! But I ain’t going to be selfish and not tell y’all some favorites. “Regurgitate” is probably my favorite song on the whole project! “I’m Good” is the track that touched my heart the most.

Cell: So when’s the official release date of this highly anticipated mixtape?

Bizal: October 23rd! Official release party will be at Timbuktu’s Smash series that same night! We also will be having 2 Mexicanz & A Mic broadcasting from Timbuktu live! They’ll be interviewing rappers as they get off the stage and what not. We also got gift bags and photos being taken by Milwaukee Salient! Oh yeah, free drinks for the first 20 ladies to step in the building! Man, it’s going to be a great night! Be there!

Cell: Any shout outs you wanna give out?

Bizal: I wanna give shout outs to Awol, High Rize (Loud Management & Battlefield Champion) Inferno! And the whole click man! Everybody know who they is! I ain’t going to waste no more time (lol)!

Bizal is a humble and respectful dude. His hunger and dedication to music is crazy. I can say the same for his team. Big ups to the homies Inferno and Awol! The homies always show me love and support so I had to return the favor and help push some hot ass music. Matter of fact, check out some tracks off of Bizal McLoud’s Da Bizness mixtape above. After listening to these tracks, I cannot wait to hear the whole fuckin’ project (lol)! Hopefully this interview gave you a little more knowledge about the homie Bizal himself and his anticipated mixtape. Feel free to spread the love and support and share this interview!! Until next time World! -DJ Cell


staxxondatraxx October 22, 2013 - 11:42 am

A very humble artist no bs cant wait.til.the 23 of.oct.. 2013

DollaSign Grimez October 23, 2013 - 7:30 pm

Biz is hella nice… dude got barz like a cell block


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