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Whitney Peyton Interview (Update)

by Miracle
Grammy Winning Contributing Artist Whitney Peyton

Grammy Winning Contributing Artist Whitney Peyton

Recently, I had the honor to sit down for a good 30 minute conversation with this young MC from the great state of PA. We laughed, we joked, we even talked about tea, the Grammys, life on the road, and  her upcoming full length album titled ON THE BRINK, which you can pre-order by clicking here. Now, due the joys of technology that we all live with, the SD card that I recorded the interview on is corrupted and the file is corrupted as well. I had top people working on recovering the information to no luck and I have made the choice that instead of writing out 30 minutes of conversation and then picking “the good bits” to release, I will be conducting a new interview with miss Whitney Peyton. If you have any questions for this artist on the rise, email them to me at biggz@theillixer.com. ~Biggz


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