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Versatile Excell F/ Yung Joka – “F**k The Game Up”

by Miracle

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“F–k The Game Up” F/ Yung Joka

Versatile Excell is an artist representing Brooklyn, New York who also spent some time in Australia growing up. He dabbled a little bit with music in his younger years during his time out of the country but his first love was film writing and acting. However in 2008, he gained a new appreciation for rapping after tackling a freestyle to rapper Shawty Lo‘s hit single, “Dey Know.” Following the freestyle, he made his debut performance at a nightclub in Brooklyn called Djumbala and his career started to pick up speed from there. He went on to conquer many more shows, release successful videos, develop a production team, and much more. He has even managed to secure two mixtapes under his belt. His goal is to continue getting his name out there and make his movement known worldwide.

Currently, he is promoting his single “F–k The Game Up” off of his latest mixtape DiVERSity2: Growth. This single is not just about generating buzz for the mixtape. It also serves a purpose. The purpose is to take a stand against payola. Payola is a “secret or private payment in return for the promotion of a product, service, etc., through the abuse of one’s position, influence, or facilities (Dictionary.Com).” The production here is good. It contains an intense bass, a mid-tempo pulse, and a serious vibe. The hook is quality. The delivery is intriguing and the lyrics are meaningful. The hook does a great job of summarizing the intent of the track. The verses are fair. Excell takes the first verse and Yung Joka takes the second. Both rappers came with standout flows and respectable rhymes. The duo make it very clear that they are determined to get their music heard because it’s dope and not because they are dishing out cash to certain people. But since the song does have some meaning behind it, the duo could have came a little harder. Their lyrics were a little lacking in the inventive department. Overall, this song is worthy of a listen or two. Needs a little work but the message here should be shared.

**My Two Cents: I learned something new via this song which is always great. I knew about the concept of unethical payment for promo and spins but I didn’t realize there was an actual term for it. Anyways, I thought this song was decent. Excell has a cool style about him and the production was on point. For more with the Brooklyn native, visit his website. -MinM

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