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The University of Wisconsin-Madison kicked off the past holiday weekend in a big way. On Friday (8/31) they held their annual night of free live Reggae music. The event was dubbed Terrace Reggae Fest and it took place outdoors at the Memorial Union Terrace. There was food, beverages, alcohol, and a healthy mixture of people. The university utilized a table and chairs set up with extra folding chairs in case the tables got too full. Nice way to be prepared. There was even an area set aside for the bands to sell their merchandise. The bands of the night were two very popular local acts, Kingtown Rockers and Roots Collective. Kingtown Rockers kicked off the night with their own unique take on the genre and a lot of energy. They won over the crowd and had so much fun that they went just a little over their time. They were a good all around opening act though.

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New Music: “Work Hard For The Money” (listen/download)

New Promo Photos: Versatile Excell In The Studio

“I wanted people to see that I’m all about peace but I won’t stand there and wait for anyone to attack me. Meaning any critics or spectators. Now I will ignore you as much as I can but once you try to harm me I won’t stand there without a fight. As well as your opinion don’t matter. I won’t sound like this or that artist because you like them. Because at one point you wanted them to sound like another artist before them. You either take me as I am or just listen.”Versatile Excell (On His Hit Single “Rude Bwoy”) / Readers have heard quite a bit of Versatile Excell’s music on the site. Therefore figured that they might be interested in getting to know the Brooklyn emcee a little better. Take a glance at his exclusive Q&A after the jump. He chats it up with The Illixer about everything from being influenced by three different regions to how he feels about growing up without a father.

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“Rude Bwoy” (listen/download)

Over the past few weeks Brooklyn rapper Versatile Excell has been taking the music world by storm with his infectious new single “Rude Bwoy.” The single was produced by Duck Dodgers. The production here is hot. It includes a distinct rhythm, an up-tempo pulse, a hint of Reggae, and a club/street vibe. The hook is alright. The delivery is easy to follow and the lyrics are uncomplicated as well. The verses are premium. Excell comes with an energetic flow, cutting wordplay, and intense rhymes. He doesn’t hold back at all and fully embodies the essence of a true “rude boy.” Some highlight lines are: “Sound like Drake. They want me to spit like Weezy. Impersonate their styles but that s–t ain’t me g. I’m different from the others and I’m not what you’re used to. Don’t wanna hear me out then f–k all of ya’ll too. Respectful and humble yet I can be a jerk. Disrespect the island, someone bound to get hurt.” Excell came with his A game in those lines right there. Overall, this song is a banger and it is easy to see why it has become such a hit with the fans.

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“F–k The Game Up” F/ Yung Joka

Versatile Excell is an artist representing Brooklyn, New York who also spent some time in Australia growing up. He dabbled a little bit with music in his younger years during his time out of the country but his first love was film writing and acting. However in 2008, he gained a new appreciation for rapping after tackling a freestyle to rapper Shawty Lo‘s hit single, “Dey Know.” Following the freestyle, he made his debut performance at a nightclub in Brooklyn called Djumbala and his career started to pick up speed from there. He went on to conquer many more shows, release successful videos, develop a production team, and much more. He has even managed to secure two mixtapes under his belt. His goal is to continue getting his name out there and make his movement known worldwide.