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Versailles The Everything – INJVSTICE (Album Review)

by Miracle

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Last month readers were introduced to a talented lady from Florida by the name of Versailles The Everything. She is also a part of the Divine Atoms crew and since that time has released her debut album. The album is entitled INJVSTICE and it contains a total of 15 tracks. There are minimal guest appearances on the collective but there are a healthy number of producers. All of the material was written as well as mixed & mastered by Versailles herself though. The LP is described as every track containing a piece of Versailles’ being which in turn reveals her innermost sentiments. The sound is described as extremely versatile but connected in theme. It is said to have true promise and be well worth the listen. Venture beyond the break to discover if The Illixer agrees with that summary.

This song serves as the title track for the project. It was produced by L. David. It opens with an interview clip from Jay Z speaking on the correlation between money and happiness. Following the snippet, the full instrumental kicks in. The production turned out favorably. The grounded base, light groovy background elements, median pace, and down to earth vibe result in a charming blend. There is no actual hook utilized on this record. Instead more clips pertaining to money and happiness are used. One is a tidbit from the late Tupac Shakur. The other is a word from Versailles herself. This was an interesting alternative to a chorus. The verses are good. Versailles laces the beat with a distinctive flow, ornate wordplay, and meaningful rhymes. She’s definitely out to send a message that ties into the song’s title and she does so respectably. A few lines worth marinating over are: “What’s the worst that can happen? You shoot, I shoot back, we go back and forth on some whack s–t. It’s your professor, the class dismissed, study your flash cards. I been doing this since mud pies filled up my backyard. Since Josh was smaller than I was and that’s that ancient s–t. Red bull is giving me some wings on some angel s–t. Never equate happiness with your wallet, calculator s–t. Maybe if you lucky you’ll be apart of my latest s–t. I smile when I need to fill the void.” Versailles came with a strong no-nonsense presence in those opening bars right there. Overall, this song is a gem and a great way to represent the album.
This selection was produced by Byzantine Beats and it features Versailles showing off her vocal prowess. The production here is superb. The subdued infrastructure, lush musical details, cadenced tempo, and somber vibe mesh attractively together. The hook is one of a kind. The vocals are deep and soulful. The lyrics are inventive and abstract. The verses are captivating. Versailles utilizes emotional vocals and unconventionally crafted lyrics. She tells the story of a complicated relationship that ends up being both good and bad for the parties involved. Her intention is to encourage the listener to not lose sight of themselves in situations such as these. A handful of memorable lines from her cautionary tale include: “These hoes stay stuck. Legs wide open, but the mind is shut. How we got this far? I don’t give a f–k. Long as we make it to the finish run. I’m so into you, that don’t mean a thing if you don’t feel it too. Laying in my bed of lies that I’m feeding you. And I hope you feel it when I’m sinning too.” Those are some piercing words right there. All in all, this a dope and stirring track.
“What I Should Be”
This record sees RELTA behind the boards and sees Versailles using both her singing and rap talents. The production here is likeable. It is made up of: a level bass, rich expressive supporting ingredients, a mellow rhythm, and a weighty vibe. The hook is on point as well. The vocals are heartfelt and the lyrics are significant. The verses are quality. Versailles disperses a clean flow, authentic wordplay, and personalized rhymes. She takes the listener through her struggles in a way that is easy to connect and empathize with. Observe as she spits: “What’s the message I’m speaking? Is this s–t worth the damage? Is this s–t worth the keeping? Should I just give up now, or you just love what I’m saying? Is it a diary moment? Or is this a revelation? Bible stayed dusty for years. Ain’t open it since the funeral, think it’s harboring tears. I think the spots on the emblem are faded into the pages. The ink is blurred. But the meaning is still within every single word.” One has to recognize the profound train of thought in those lines right there. In the end, this is a very fresh offering.
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**My Two Cents: INJVSTICE is everything that it is described to be and more. The production is skillfully executed. And the content is as enriching as it is entertaining. One can tell that Versailles truly did put her all into every track. Her words are evoking and everything is put together in an unique and novel way. She uses the perfect balance of rapping and singing as well. Can’t really think of anything to critique or that needs improving. So with that said, the LP as a whole is awesome and readers need to give it an ear asap. -MinM

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