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Keeqs – “Hate Me, Love Me”

by Miracle

hMLM(Photo By Sound Cloud)

West Coast artist Keeqs recently dropped a brand new single. The song is labeled “Hate Me, Love Me” and it was created entirely by Keeqs himself from start to finish. That is always an impressive bit of info to learn. It spans just slightly over two minutes in length. Continue reading to learn more about the track.

The production here is peculiar yet gratifying. The firm bass, video game style secondary elements, contemporary rhythm, and flavorful vibe make for a very befitting match up. The hook is nice too. The delivery is full of character and the lyrics are catchy. The verses are sufficient. Keeqs enlists an animated flow, quick-witted wordplay, and adequate rhymes. He does a solid job of presenting himself as an individual who understandably garners mixed feelings from others. A handful of notable lines include: “Back with a vengeance. I won’t pretend I’m an apprentice in this. I wrote, produced, mastered, and mixed this. Believe I’m a n—a that you won’t contend with. Just know I got that gas for that a**. F–k slow, I like fast. So kick that dust. Put my city on the map. That’s my first task. Just know I got y’all if you got my back.” Those are some proper bars right there. Overall, this is a noble offering.
**My Two Cents: This is a valid brief selection. The production is really good. The different parts utilized give it an interesting sound. The content is not too shabby either. The hook is especially memorable. And Keeqs plays up the theme implied by the title pretty fairly. He could’ve given his rhymes more of a punch but that’s not a deal breaker. The song is still easily enjoyable. I think readers should give it a spin when they have a chance. -MinM

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