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Trunk Bussa – “DM (Direct Message)” (Video)

by Miracle

Remember Trunk Bussa? He’s the swagged out cat that made the big impression at the last Sounds From The Othaground event. He reps hard for the Dope Beats Fam Gang and also utilizes a variety of other talents besides rapping. He produces, writes, engineers, hosts, and does radio. It’s always nice to see an artist not limiting themselves to just one thing. He recently dropped a new video called “DM (Direct Message).” It’s a take on a struggling relationship, in a way that only Trunk can do it. Peep the visuals below.



This video was directed by Trunk’s fellow Dope Beats Fam Gang member Slick Porter. The song/video are described as a “thin line between love and hate” story. The video opens with a quote on love from Trunk. From there, Trunk is shown kicking it in various locations while going through the motions with his significant other. Trunk does an excellent job of conveying the message that he is pretty much over his relationship via his dramatic antics. Also, his obvious interest in Twitter over his situation, makes a clear statement too. The video ends with one last shot of Trunk tweeting on his phone and a beautiful shot of the city all lit up at night. All in all, this was an entertaining watch.

**My Two Cents: I thought this was a cool short piece. Wasn’t expecting a slow R&B type of track from Trunk but he made it work. It was a good way to show off his diversity too. Also, the video looked great. The transitions between the different scenes was flawless and the little special effects were nice too. So kudos to Slick Porter for his work. If readers want more with Trunk, they can catch him on Twitter. And don’t forget to check him out live on the air via W.D.B.F.G. Street Gossip Radio, every Thursday from 7pm – 9pm Central Standard time. -MinM

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