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Milly Esquire – “Let Em Say!”

by Miracle

(Photo By The B3Vision Group, LLC)

“Let Em Say!”

Milly Esquire is a rising emcee from Baltimore, MD. He studied and began trying his hand with music at a young age. After hitting a few bumps in the road, he decided to really get serious about becoming a rapper. In 2006, he started a business venture called Young Hustlaz Gettin’ Money with friend and fellow artist DJ Rod “Reality the Don” Mclean. Young Hustlaz Gettin’ Money is a company of sorts comprised of rappers, artists, and other creative individuals striving for success. It also serves as a lifestyle brand. Once the brand took off, Milly began receiving a buzz and getting acknowledged as an important player in the Baltimore Hip-Hop scene. In 2009, after releasing a few projects and assisting other artists, Milly decided it was time for a change. He wanted to expand YHGM and focus more on his solo career. So once again, he and DJ Rod joined forces for another venture. This brand was dubbed The Incredible Creation. Under the new brand, Milly hopes to take his strong self confidence and versatile skills and make his mark in music history. 

Currently, he is pushing a single/video titled “Let Em Say!.” The track was produced by MizFitz Soundz and will be featured on Milly’s upcoming EP. The production is hot. It features an uptempo pace, a myriad of sounds, and a chill street vibe. The hook is on point as well. The delivery is unique with a lightning fast speed. The lyrics are raw and appealing. The verses are ill too. Milly comes with a smooth high energy flow, quick wordplay, and first rate rhymes. He definitely gets the point across that he is not playing when it comes to this Hip-Hop game. He spits: “I’m a floss, yo is he? Yes I am. Hard as a muthaf—a, I go ham. Ham I go, if you ain’t already know that. They ain’t f–king with you, n—as is throwbacks. These n—as so whack. Where the f–k they dough at? Young Hustlas Gettin’ Money, we ain’t even gotta show that. (…) N—a this here art and ya’ll just rap. Talking bout what you sold, never been in the trap. And this ain’t no act. GQ said we need a hit. Well this here should have the industry on my d–k, Milly.”  Those lines are dope and when coupled with the flow, it sounds crazy. Overall, this song is a banger. Milly was right, this should certainly get him and his brand some attention. Recently, Milly dropped visuals for this track. The video is his first official one and it was directed by JLenz. It was shot in his hometown and is an interesting watch to say the least. Readers can view it here. For more with Milly Esquire check out his official website.

**My Two Cents: This cut had me hooked from the very beginning. The signature DMV sound is catchy and Milly is a beast. The video is wild. The different masks and antics were something else. But it’s fresh and worth watching. I really dig Milly and look forward to hearing more from him in the future. -MinM

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